Whether your family is welcoming a new baby, or already raising small children, the following tips can make your kids room both playful and safe.

  1. Choose cordless, motorized, or wand-operated window coverings. Regardless of how closely you watch your little ones, a few unguarded seconds of play could turn dangerous. Seemingly harmless cords from window coverings can turn deadly if toddlers get entangled in them.
  2.  Protect your kids from the outdoors. Budget Blinds recommends installing composite shutters in kid’s rooms, as they are extremely durable and come in a variety of slat sizes so you can customize your level of privacy. When closed, composite shutters also block out UV rays that can fade and damage your home décor over time. And since they are inherently cordless, composite shutters are a safe and ideal choice for playrooms.
  3. Create an inspiring space! Play is so essential to the development of a child’s creativity and well-being, so include fun colors in his or her living environment. Kids curtains come in a variety of bold and vibrant hues, as well as neutral, calming tones for sensitive newborns or hyperactive toddlers. With Budget Blinds exclusive Inspired Drapes® collection, you can customize kids curtains to meet your specific home décor requirements, and add motorization for safety.
  4. Keep it clean. In a room filled with crayons, glue sticks, and the occasional sticky snack, choose window coverings that are easy to clean. Vinyl blinds are not only very affordable, but they are simple to clean with the swipe of a wet cloth. Or, if you like the look of kids curtains, but worried about keeping them clean, then consider Signature Murano® fabric blinds. Offered exclusively through Budget Blinds, fabric blinds come in a wide selection of fun and contemporary unique weaves and on-trend colors, and best of all, they can be easily spot cleaned using just soap and water.
  5. Promote a fun and essential sleeping environment. Sleep is so vital to your children’s health, so allow them to enjoy deep rest with room darkening roller shades. Roller shades come in so many colors, fabric designs, textures and cordless options, making them a fun and safe window covering choice for kids rooms.
  6. Get Creative. You can customize your kids room window coverings even further with graphic roller shades from Budget Blinds. Imagine printing the image of your choice, such as a storybook hero, or cartoon character, directly onto your roller shade! Bedtime will feel less like a chore and more like an opportunity to get swept up by a favorite fantasy.
  7. Protect your children from harmful UV rays. Because the skin of a child is far more sensitive than that of an adult, consider applying decorative window film to windows in kids rooms and playrooms. Unlike standard window film, decorative film allows you to add a layer of artistic expression to your home décor and acts as a protective barrier against the sun’s UV rays while creating privacy and hiding unwanted views. Not only does window film protect your child’s skin from sun damage, but it protects your valuables from gradual UV exposure, and protects your wallet from excess energy costs!
  8. Keep it light. Some studies show that exposure to natural lighting promotes healthier hormonal cycles, especially in the early stages of development. For this reason, you may want to consider installing sheer shades in playrooms and sheer kids curtains in bedrooms. Sheer shades offer the privacy benefits of a window shade, with the softening view of a sheer. Sheer kid’s curtains delicately filter incoming sunshine to create a warm and inviting ambiance.
  9. Add a decorative valance. Window valances are great for making kid’s rooms appear bright and lively. They can be used as a stand-alone window treatment or paired with draperies to highlight a specific color or feature in a kid’s room. They come in a wide array of styles and can be matched and blended with your kids’ curtains and shades.
  10. Motorize your window coverings for added safety and convenience. Making window treatments safer for homes with infants, children and pets is one of Budget Blinds’ top priorities. Motorized window coverings are not only safe, they are convenient, letting you control lighting and privacy preferences at just the touch of a button! They are incredibly quiet, making them perfectly suitable window treatments for kid’s rooms and nurseries.

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