Nuetral Panel DrapesWindow shades in natural materials and neutral tones can add uniqueness to your home in the sense that you are bringing the outdoors inside. Ideal for creating a serene and nurturing environment, each of the window coverings listed below are sure to add some life to your living space.

  1. Wood blinds are made from 100% real North American hardwoods, and add a warm, earthy element to bedrooms and living rooms. Highly eco-friendly, these window coverings are available in a variety of finishes and colors, including white and neutral tones.
  2. Faux wood blinds add the same classic look of real wood blinds to your home, but are more durable and less expensive options that give your room the same earthy appeal.
  3. Composite blinds are synthetic alternatives to wood and faux wood blinds, and are especially resistant to moisture, fading, and cracking, even in the hottest of rooms, and still look like they are made from nature.
  4. Fabric blinds come in a variety of unique weaves and trendy colors, from deep earth tones to lovely pastels. They are treated with a special topcoat that resists dust, dirt, and stains, making these window coverings a perfect choice for homes with children.
  5. Aluminum blinds are light, versatile, and a popular window covering because of their functionality and affordable price. They come in small to large slat sizes for a customized allowance of sunlight and are available in a variety of natural, refreshing colors.
  6. Vinyl horizontal blinds, another very affordable option, are stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain, which ensures your home’s color palette remains undistorted.
  7. Vertical blinds come in wood, faux wood, vinyl, and fabric panels and are ideal window coverings for sliding glass doors and taller windows. Offered in a range of welcoming hues, they let just the right amount of light indoors, while also allowing you a full view when you want it.
  8. Vertical blinds alternatives, including panel tracks, come in over 50 screen styles with openness factors ranging from 3-14% to provide just the right amount of light diffusion and UV protection. They are also available in a wide selection of blackout vinyl’s, and decorative fabrics, including grass-like weaves.
  9. Real wood shutters are also made from the highest grade North American hardwoods, harvested from forests certified to help conserve the environment. They come in a range of natural-looking paints and stains, and can be color-matched to existing trims and furnishes in your home.
  10. Composite shutters also come in natural-looking stains, and are less expensive, synthetic and highly durable alternatives to our wood shutters, making them able candidates for exceptionally hot or humid rooms.
  11. Plantation shutters compliment both traditional and contemporary styles of homes and made from real and durable faux wood alike. These indoor mounted window coverings can also increase your home’s resale value by adding timeless sophistication.
  12. Roller shades offer a contemporary and clean look to any room, and come in a wide variety of neutral colors and fabrics. If you’re looking for window coverings with a little more pizzazz, consider pleated shades.
  13. Pleated shades are distinguished by their unique accordion shape and add dimension to any style room. They come available in both light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics, whichever you prefer. Pleated shades are among the most popular motorized shades available.
  14. Roman shades, like pleated shades, are excellent options if you want the comforting look of draperies, but the convenience of shades. They not only look natural and inviting, but also provide insulation, making them a popular choice for those interested in energy-saving window treatments.
  15. Cellular shades are among Budget Blinds’ most versatile window coverings. They come in multiple nature-inspired colors, opacities, and cell sizes, and have the added benefit of an insulating layer to help with energy savings. They are also inherently cordless, making them safe for children and pets.
  16. Woven wood shades are handcrafted from 100% organic reeds, grasses, and natural woods to add a unique natural elegance to your home. These eco-friendly shades are semi-transparent but can be paired with a privacy or blackout liner depending on your individual needs.
  17. Sheer shades are innovative window coverings that offer the privacy benefits of a window shade, with the softening view of a sheer. They delicately filter incoming light into your home to create an inviting ambience. Sheer shades are inherently neutral, so they’re right at home in virtually any décor.

Speak with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today about which neutral and natural window coverings would look best in the various rooms in your home.