Bedroom Drapes Glass

Combination Window Treatments 1st Place Winner

Peter & Karen Glass

Budget Blinds - Portland, ME

Solar Shades

Curtains & Draperies 1st Place Winner

Brett Jones

Budget Blinds - San Francisco, CA

Arch Window Treatments Curtains Trotter

Decorative Hardware 1st Place Winner

Elaine Trotter

Budget Blinds - Brandon, FL

Roman Shades Kitchen Susan Cannon

Soft Shades 1st Place Winner

Susan Cannon

Budget Blinds - Lubbock, TX

Kitchen Valance Blodgett

Top Treatments 1st Place Winner

Quent Blodgett

Budget Blinds - Boise, ID

Roller Shades Linen Curtains Pemberton Chandelier

Combination Window Treatments 2nd Place Winner

Karen Pemberton

Budget Blinds - Southeast Toronto, ON

EI7A3504-Edit Blodgett small

Curtains & Draperies 2nd Place Winner

Quent Blodgett

Budget Blinds - Boise, ID

Drapery Hardware Guagenti

Decorative Hardware 1st Place Winner

Krista Guagenti

Budget Blinds - Worthington, OH

Roman Shades Blodgett

Soft Shades 2nd Place Winner

Quent Blodgett

Budget Blinds - Boise, ID

Printed Cornices Bay Windows Wojcik

Top Treatments 2nd Place Winner

Stephanie Wojcik

Budget Blinds - Naperville, IL

Budget Blinds Design Contest Winners!

Combination of hard and soft window treatments combined into a beautiful seamless design statement.
Creative curtain and drapery installations with a perfect combination of beauty and function.
Exquisite finishing touches to custom window treatments with drapery hardware and curtain rods.
Custom Roman, Fabric Valance and Balloon Shade design winners.
Custom cornice and valance window coverings as stand-alone treatments or paired with blinds or shades.
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Congratulations to the Budget Blinds Design Contest Winners featured in Vision magazine!

Window Fashion VISION is a leading industry expert’s magazine full of education and inspiration for interior designers and custom window coverings retailers.  Budget Blinds 2015 Inspired Drapes Design Contest winners were featured in Pages 58- 66 in the May-June issue. Each of the design contest winners is a Budget Blinds business owner and we are very proud to have them recognized by VISION as stand-out designers among their peers!

Quent Blodgett – Budget Blinds of Boise, ID

For a large kitchen that needed some color and softness, Quent Blodgett paid careful attention to fabric selection, style and size to make sure that the valance worked in the space and complemented the entire room.

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Dell and Susan Cannon, Budget Blinds of Southwest Lubbock, TX

For a young couple building their first home, every detail mattered.  The wife is a photographer, so color selection was critical and she was meticulous about the paint colors and finishes throughout the house.  “The gentle curve of the relaxed Roman shades softens all of the hard lines in the kitchen,” said Susan Cannon, “while giving the client the versatility, privacy and light control she needed.

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Brett Jones – Budget Blinds of San Francisco Central, CA

Michael Schilling of Michael Schilling Designs uses Budget Blinds for most of his client renovation projects. But this project was a special case, as it was Schilling’s own home. “Michael had his own vision for the room and the fabrics to be used for his draperies,” said Brett Jones. “The challenge was to find a way to install operable drapery panels where much of the space for the hardware and stack back was already occupied by a motorized solar shade.”

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Peter and Karen Glass – Budget Blinds of Portland, ME

“This project had plenty of challenges, “said Karen Glass. “There’s a million-dollar view and the client wanted draperies, but the ceiling and roof line angled in, which limited the space for stack back. The higher you went, the narrower the working space became. But by installing a mitered, 2 ½” wood rod just above the frame, we found the right mix of function while retaining much of the view.”

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Bedroom Drapes Glass

Elaine Trotter – Budget Blinds of Brandon, FL

For a family room that faced a golf course and pool-area lanai, privacy was a primary concern. The large arched window, which had previously been untreated, produced some afternoon glare, which the client wanted addressed without completely covering the window. “The client’s style in the rest of the house is somewhat formal,” said Trotter. “So we designed a swag treatment featuring ornate medallions to complement the adjoining rooms.”

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Krista Guagenti – Budget Blinds of Worthington, OH

“This space needed some pizzazz,” said Krista Guagenti, “something to distract the eye away from the traditional woodwork abundant throughout this home.” The client loves an updated take on classic/baroque intricacies, so Guagenti decided to incorporate aspects of the Italian mirror into the window treatment design concept, while also adding color and architectural interest.

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Stephanie Wojcik – Budget Blinds of Naperville, IL


“Because it was important not to obstruct the wooded view from the bay windows, we designed upholstered cornices covered in a striking gray and yellow ikat.” Roman shades in a rich cream texture were installed under the cornices for privacy and light control.

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Karen Pemberton – Budget Blinds of Southeast Toronto, ON

Budget Blinds of Southeast Toronto partnered with Karen Sealy of Sealy Design to create a home that had a laid-back, seaside feel. Light-filtering roller shades in a look that mimics grasscloth are layered under patterned linen draperies that feature sand and sea-glass hues.

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