Combination Window Treatments 1st Place Winner

Dawn Cameron & John Atkinson

Budget Blinds - Medicine Hat, AB


Curtains & Draperies 1st Place Winner

Quent Blodgett

Budget Blinds - Boise, ID


Decorative Hardware 1st Place Winner

Stephen & Tiffany Strong

Budget Blinds - College Stations, TX


Soft Shades 1st Place Winner

Richard & Beverly Suel

Budget Blinds - Louisville East, KY


Top Treatments 1st Place Winner

Richard & Beverly Suel

Budget Blinds - Louisville East, KY


Combination Window Treatments 2nd Place Winner

Quent Blodgett

Budget Blinds - Boise, ID


Curtains & Draperies 2nd Place Winner

Stephen & Tiffany Strong

Budget Blinds - College Stations, TX


Decorative Hardware 1st Place Winner

Michael Burwell

Budget Blinds - SW Colorado Springs, CO


Soft Shades 2nd Place Winner

Stephanie Wojcik

Budget Blinds - Naperville, NL


Top Treatments 2nd Place Winner

Sonja Skogerson

Budget Blinds - Paramus, NJ

Budget Blinds Design Contest Winners!

Combination of hard and soft window treatments combined into a beautiful seamless design statement.
Creative curtain and drapery installations with a perfect combination of beauty and function.
Exquisite finishing touches to custom window treatments with drapery hardware and curtain rods.
Custom Roman, Fabric Valance and Balloon Shade design winners.
Custom cornice and valance window coverings as stand-alone treatments or paired with blinds or shades.
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Congratulations to the 2016 Budget Blinds Design Competition Winners featured in Vision magazine!

Seven Budget Blinds® Style Experts are featured in the May/June issue of Window Fashion VISION, a leading industry expert’s magazine. VISION magazine showcased the Budget Blinds 2016 Inspired Drapes Design Contest winners on pages 68-78. These extremely talented design contest winners are Budget Blinds franchise business owners, and we are proud and excited to have them recognized by VISION as outstanding designers in their communities!

Dawn Cameron & John Atkinson – Budget Blinds of Medicine Hat, AB

First Place: Combination Treatments

For a “lotto home”, a charitable fund-raiser for the Medicine Hat Kinsman Club, Dawn Cameron and John Atkinson worked closely with the builder, Bravada Homes, and the interior designers Heather Koch and Jennifer Attfield, the mother-and-daughter design team at Sofas & More.

“To be honest,” said Cameron, “the last several lotto homes had been a bit dull, and the window treatments clearly an afterthought rather than an integrated part of the design. So our goal was to make sure the window treatments were practical while truly enhancing the home.”

The rich colors used in the living room (above) contrasted with the warm whites used in the kitchen, but because these rooms were part of an open floor plan, the window treatments needed to coordinate as well as provide a range of functions. For example, the cordless roller shades feature a 4% openness solar screen fabric that maintains the view while preventing glare. Stationary pinch pleat side panels on the picture window add softness to the large expanse, while sleek cornices contribute to the clean-lined modern look.

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Quent Blodgett, Budget Blinds of Boise, ID

Second Place: Combination Treatments

A grand stairway with an impressive, south-facing French door and window combination required a carefully nuanced design solution. While the client loved the light the windows provided, it needed to be softened. Sheer Roman shades in soft white were selected for this purpose, the color and fabric chosen to help provide the right lighting balance.

While the original design concept was to provide fully-functioning draperies, in order to increase the diffused light in the entry this was modified to stationary pinch pleat panels over the side windows. The metal rod and finials were specified to complement the design of the iron and wood staircase with the complementary tie-backs for the panels as a final touch.

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Quent Blodgett, Budget Blinds of Boise, ID

First Place: Curtains and Draperies

Quent Blodgett was called in by Angela Incelli of Les Bois Interior Design to deliver custom draperies for a recently redesigned living room. A fireplace with a floor-to-ceiling stone surround (not shown) serves as the focal point for the room, so Incelli requested window treatments that would make a statement in the updated room, but without distracting from the new fireplace.

Previously the windows had faux wood blinds, but as the windows and sliding glass door open onto a private patio and features views of the river, a modern, new design. Blodgett initially recommended ceiling-height panels or warm grey silk to soften the room, but Incelli expressed some concern.

As a compromise, Blodgett suggested installing Europleat panels from rods dropped 6” from the ceiling so the fireplace surround would remain the tallest element in the room.  “The dramatic tone-on-tone silk draperies, taken to the ceiling, create height and drama without overpowering the room’s other finishes,” said Incelli. “The unique ceiling mounted hardware treatment added just the right amount of interest and really showcased the luxurious panels.”

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Stephen & Tiffany Strong – Budget Blinds of College Station, TX

Second Place: Curtains and Draperies

After an initial installation of motorized solar shades on the lower section of this window wall, Stephen and Tiffany Strong were called back in to this client’s home to help create something special. “Because no solar shades were installed on the arched window, the client was concerned about the light and heat coming in, as these windows face west,” explained Stephen Strong. “But she also wanted something beautiful that would coordinate with the arched ceiling without blocking too much of the view of the pool.”

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Stephen and Tiffany Strong – Budget Blinds of College Station, TX

First Place: Decorative Hardware

The Strong’s client from their winning Curtains & Draperies project has a home with an open floor plan, so a decorative treatment that coordinated with the living room was also needed for the adjacent dining room.

The Strong’s used the same antiqued bronze medallions, but this time as an element in a swag valance with cascades that frame the window. To add more interest to the treatment, a flat cornice, upholstered in a coordinating stripe was used underneath the valance.

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Michael Burwell – Budget Blinds of SW Colorado Springs, CO

Second Place: Decorative Hardware

The client for this recently renovated home is a health and wellness coach. She was looking for window treatments that were fresh, modern and natural, to fit with the new look and feel of the home.

“Privacy was a concern, but not at the expense of natural light,” explained Michael Burwell. An unlined, woven wood Roman shade features touches of sage green and provides gently filtered light. Stationary side panels with a micro vine and leaf pattern are topped by a unique valance with a tab-hung hardware.

There are five windows in the front room that were treated similarly, but each had some idiosyncrasies. A corner window required an elbow join for the decorative hardware and there were also specialty-shaped windows in the double-height room that needed to be treated.

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Richard and Beverly Suel – Budget Blinds of Louisville East, KS

First Place: Soft Shades

A frequently used door to an outdoor living space had featured a 2” faux wood blind that “banged” every time someone used the door, and the client definitely wanted a change.

The drapery and valance in the breakfast area used this stylized floral fabric, so Richard and Beverly Suel suggested the same pattern for a roller shade equipped with an “easy stop” system. The shade valance was designed to mimic the shape of the drapery valance and used the same tassel fringe.

“The customer loved the shade so much, that we provided another shade for a door in the laundry room, also using COM fabric and trim,” explained Beverly.

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Stephanie Wojcik – Budget Blinds of Naperville, IL

Second Place: Soft Shades

“While shutters covered the lower portions of the windows in this kitchen, the client requested some type of decorative top treatment to address the upper sections of the windows, as the room received intense afternoon light,” explained Stephanie Wojcik.

The mood she wanted was decorative and modern, with the window above the sink the only one without a shutter. So top treatments were fitted over the shutters in the rest of the room, while this window received a custom Roman shade with tassel trim. “The client loved this fabric so much when she spotted I that she ended up repainting the whole kitchen to coordinate with it,” said Wojcik.

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Richard and Beverly Suel – Budget Blinds of Louisville East, KS

First Place: Top Treatments

Recently completed draperies in the master bedroom meant that the store-bought designs for the adjoining master bath looked a bit sad by comparison. So the Suel’s were welcomed back to upgrade the window as well. “Because there was plenty of room both above and to the sides of this window, I decided to mount the treatment several inches above the frame to draw the eye up and give the illusion of height,” explained Richard. The curved, double-layer valance coordinates with the colors and patterns used in the bedroom and bathroom while making its own statement. A delicate crystal trim was used at the bottom edge, a detail picked up from the bathroom’s chandelier.

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Sonja Skogerson – Budget Blinds of Paramus, NJ

Second Place: Top Treatments

This full kitchen installation was a two-part project. The cordless wood blinds were first installed two years ago as part of a full kitchen remodel. A year later Sonja Skogerson was called back to provide a more glamorous finishing touch to the windows.

“The family spends a lot of time in their beautiful kitchen and they wanted the window treatments to fully reflect the upgrades they had made to the space,” said Skogerson. The silvery grey geometric fabric was used for a set op upholstered cornice boards, a design selected to add elegance and integrate the different sized windows, with a mini cornice installed on the door.

Due to the geometric pattern of the fabric, a simple, straight-edged, padded cornice with a self- welt was selected. “The client and I determined that draperies near the dining table would be a bit of a nuisance, especially with small children,” explained Skogerson. “The cornices add height and detail to the space without having to worry about little fingers.”

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