If you’ve been thinking about updating your home décor, why not start just in time for Independence Day? Display your American roots using stylish home décor pieces like plantation shutters!

Plantation shutters have been used for many years to give homes that classic American country look. One of the great things about these window coverings is that they can efficiently block out the sun’s harmful UV rays while adding a touch of style to any room in your home.

Available in a variety of shapes, styles and finishes, there are many ways you can incorporate the timeless look of plantation shutters to uniquely complement your décor. Many homeowners prefer the look and feel of plantation wood shutters over traditional window shutters due to their ability to provide a wider view when opened. So, if you’re looking for window coverings that won’t sacrifice your beautiful outside view, plantation shutters may be the perfect option. Here are some decorating ideas to get you started:

Use Vertical Plantation Shutters in Your Bathroom for Optimal Privacy
Since privacy is an essential component of any bathroom, vertical plantation shutters are a great option for providing optimal privacy and light control. In addition, they are available in moisture-resistant styles ideal for bathrooms where humidity and wet conditions are often found.

Use Decorative Plantation Shutters in Your Kitchen to Add a Touch of Style
Decorative plantation shutters are an effective option for windows with design character. Dress up your kitchen windows with the refined and stylish look of plantation shutters to pull together your décor. You have the power to control the privacy levels in your home with these sleek shutters, especially if your kitchen windows are street-facing. Perhaps to protect your privacy, you will want to invest in some louvres which are great for your windows, they will make a striking impression and will go with all the décor in your beautiful home.

Use Dark Plantation Wood Shutters to Complement a Room’s Wood Furnishings
If you have a room with wood furnishings, consider using dark plantation wood shutters to amplify your décor. Available in any size or shape, these shutters are a great way to bring your room together while allowing as little or as much light in as you want.

Use Classic White Plantation Shutters to Brighten Up a Room
Just as dark plantation wood shutters mesh well in rooms with dark furnishings, classic white plantation shutters offer the same effect. Brighten up a room while controlling light and airflow with beautiful white plantation shutters that add a classic finish to your home.

Whether you choose real wood or composite wood, it’s easy to enjoy these timeless, classic window coverings. Plantation shutters can be customized with different slat sizes, opening systems, paints, stains and more to blend in perfectly with your style. Contact a Budget Blinds style consultant today at www.budgetblinds.com for a complimentary in-home consultation and you can see shutters work well in your home with our free demonstration. Have a happy 4th of July!