There are many different ways that an individual can make a positive impact towards the green revolution. They can purchase only organic foods, they can take very short showers to conserve water, they can carpool with coworkers to and from work, and they can use and promote the use of eco-friendly products in their home. One of these eco-friendly products could be woven wood shades available through your local Budget Blinds franchise.

Eco-Friendly ShadesBudget Blinds takes great care in selecting their providers for eco-friendly window treatments. Their vendors only use natural woods from certified sustainable forests and even then only use what is available, never taking more than what they need. Budget Blinds’ woven wood shades are especially eco-friendly because they use many different types of natural life for their window treatments. When you purchase eco-friendly woven wood shades from Budget Blinds you have the choice to decide between many different wood choices, including but not limited to: bamboo, Jute, reeds, grasses, and many species of sustainable North American hardwoods.

Not only does Budget Blinds use only the most sustainable materials for their eco-friendly window treatments, but in an effort to be as green and sustainable as possible, Budget Blinds ensures that all of their packaging supplies are 100 percent recyclable as well. Budget Blinds takes every available opportunity presented to provide you with the best possible window covering for reducing your carbon footprint. If you know that you want eco-friendly window coverings but you aren’t sure how to go about picking the perfect set for your home, don’t just go to your local hardware store and get the best looking pair on sale. They will most likely be manufactured from non-recyclable materials and do much more harm than good. No, if you want truly eco-friendly window treatments, give your local Budget Blinds a call today and they will send a style consultant out to your home for a free in-home consultation and they can help you pick the perfect woven wood shades for your home.