Colorblock Drapes

Combining different textures keeps any space from feeling boring and uninspired

How many different textures can you see in this room?

Everywhere you look, there is something to delight the eye and wake up the senses.

  • The softness and drama of the contrasting-colors drapery panels
  • The natural, rough texture of the underlying woven wood shade
  • The reflective, shiny surface of the mirror
  • Icy elegance of the crystal chandelier
  • Velvet upholstered chairs with their plump cushions
  • Polished wood floor with a plush rug
  • Intricate cutout designs on the smooth wood table
  • The colorful, soft petals of the orchid

Each of these textures contributes to the elegant and comfortable feeling of the room. Take any one away, and the room would be less appealing. Texture adds dimension and tactile interest to any environment. Even with a neutral color scheme, varied textures create energy as hard and soft, and rough and smooth surfaces play against each other, creating visual and tactile contrasts.

Textures have personality

Textured Curtains

The hard lines of the acrylic tables and modern, straight-legged chairs are softened by the natural-textured, thick wool rug and soft drapery panels and valances that make this room feel cozy

In reality, there are two types of texture: real and visual. Real texture is sensitive to touch; you can actually feel its characteristics, like the different textures of a rich brocade fabric. Visual texture is sort of an optical illusion, it’s the illusion of texture on an object that is painted or printed to emulate real texture and dimension, such as a three-dimensional wallpaper pattern. A lot of people don’t realize how much character they can add to their room by choosing a unique, custom wallpaper Melbourne. They have the tendency to just get a plain one and wonder why their room won’t come to life. Businesses and homeowners alike can boost any rooms appeal by thinking more about their walls. Both types of texture contribute to harmonious design, contributing the different inherent personalities that textures lend to interior design, making your rooms more interesting to look at and inviting to touch.

  • Rough, coarse textures tend to make an object feel heavier, more rustic–rattan, distressed wood, rope, iron
  • Stone exudes an aura of strength and coolness whether smooth or rough texture
  • Smooth and shiny textures give a light, cool impression and feel more modern–mirrors, polished marble, metallics
  • Natural materials possess an innate richness, creating a cozy feeling and warming up an environment–wood , linen, fur, coral
  • Layered lighting adds visual texture; overhead lighting, task lighting and soft ambient lighting each create a different mood
  • Live plants add texture and vibrancy to a room, especially colorful blooms or variegated leaves

But, just as “Mr. Personality Plus” can be too much at a party, too many polished pieces, such as mirrors, metallic furniture and shiny accessories, can make a room appear cold and uninviting. Conversely, a room full of rough textures and overpowering pieces can be cumbersome, dark and cluttered. Start with a foundational piece that you love, like a sofa, rug or table, and add accents and accessories in a variety of finishes to create the perfect textural balance.

Window coverings: a textural wonderland

Window coverings are an easy way to introduce texture to a room. The range of possibilities is limitless given the vast array of styles, materials and fabrics available today. Budget Blinds® is a leader in the window coverings industry, with cutting-edge window fashions from a world of options with our blinds, shutters, shades, drapery fashions, window film, faux iron, curtain rods and custom decorative drapery hardware.

  • Blinds come in smooth and textured finishes, in wood tones and hundreds of colors, including wood, faux wood, composite, fabric, aluminum and vinyl styles, for horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Shutters come in real wood, composite, vinyl and aluminum for outdoor/exterior application. They reflect the beauty of natural wood stains or can be painted any color to match or contrast your décor.
  • Shades may be the most versatile of all window coverings, available in natural woven woods, such as bamboo shades, and hundreds of fabrics and materials from sheer to solar to blackout. Styles include Roman shades, Pleated shades, Roller shades, Cellular shades, Solar shades and more.

Woven Wood Shades

These woven wood shades add warm texture to this breakfast nook and complement the wood furniture and natural outdoors to bring an organic feel inside.

  • Soft fashions include drapery, curtains, valances and accessory pieces like pillows, rugs and bedding. Soft fashions in the Budget Blinds exclusive Inspired Drapes® collection present an endless parade of textures in fabric styles, colors and trims.
  • Decorative drapery hardware is an additional element of soft fashions, with options such as curtain rods, holdbacks, medallions and finials for more textural interest.
  • Window film and decorative window film add subtle texture to windows, including clear and color options. Decorative window film can provide the appearance of a stained glass window, etched designs or frosted glass.
  • Decorative faux iron can add texture in a window or as singular wall art, bringing the elegance of wrought iron to your room. Perfect for accenting ceilings, arches, skylights and camouflaging air conditioning grills, you can choose from standard designs or create a custom look.

Faux Iron

This ceiling light box shows how the added texture of faux iron accents creates an exquisite display

Using color, pattern and texture, you can create a unique style and mood for every room in your home, starting with the window coverings.

  • Add layers of texture at your windows with drapery panels over blinds, shades or shutters.
  • Drapery hardware can add textural interest with artistic finials and wood or metal curtain rods.
  • Wood blinds and shutters add texture and classic clean lines to windows and doors.
  • Valances and cascades can add color and soft textures over blinds and shades.
  • Embellished and laser-cut fabrics, embroidery and appliques add texture to Roman shades and drapery panels.
  • Trims like fringe, pom poms, tassels, color banding and beads create texture and dimension.
  • Patterned drapery or fabric shades can add texture and color to brighten up a room.
  • Pillows, rugs and bedding are available to coordinate with, or contrast to, your selected window coverings, adding even more layers of texture and nuances of color.

Woven Wood Shades

Neutral drapery panels with tasseled trim complement the woven wood shades and give this room a casual, playful atmosphere


The key to a beautifully decorated home is adding layers of texture in every room, carefully selecting complementary textures that make a space interesting, while staying true to your personal decorating style. If you need help in determining your style or just need some new and contemporary texture ideas for your window treatments, call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find the Style Consultant nearest you. Your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help you evaluate your window covering needs and create custom designs to truly make your house feel more like home!