In today’s day and age where environmentally sustainable products and energy efficiency are becoming standard, there are many different types of window treatments, such as cellular shades, that the earth-friendly consumer can purchase. Take a look at some of the best energy-saving window treatments offered by your local Budget Blinds:

Solar Shades
Primarily used as a shield against incoming heat, these shades help keep cooling costs down during the hot summer months. These shades will filter light, but still provide protection against glare during the day. They have a simple, clean look about them and work beautifully in both traditionally and modernly styled homes.

Cellular Shades
Commonly referred to as honeycomb shades, these window treatments are built from the ground up with energy conservation as the top priority. Built with single, double, or triple cell construction, the pockets or cells, of cellular shades effectively “trap” air and prevent it from either leaving the home or entering the home. During summer, these shades should be drawn down during daylight hours to prevent solar heat gain. During winter these shades should be drawn whenever you want to provide your home with extra insulation around the windows. Cellular window shades will provide your home with the perfect extra layer of insulation to keep your utility bills from skyrocketing during peak times of the season.

Black Out Shades
Cellular shades built with a privacy liner, blackout shades are the perfect option for those who want total darkness, even after the sun has made its rise.

Hobbled/Lined Roman Shades
Hobbled Roman shades are great energy-saving window treatments because the overlapping folds provide an extra layer of insulation that isn’t found in normal Roman shades. However, don’t despair if you like the look of regular Roman shades, simply get in touch with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant and ask them about adding a liner to your Roman shades for increased energy efficiency.

Energy-Saving Shutters
Built specifically to minimize air leaks when shut tight, these shutters will help keep heating and air conditioning bills down in the winter and summer, respectively.

Whether you are in the market for cellular shades, Roman shades, or energy-saving shutters finding the perfect window treatment is made simple with the help of a Budget Blind’s Style Consultant. Contact your local Budget Blinds today to get started with your free in-home consultation!