So you’ve just got some new windows Austin installed and you want to keep them looking perfect forever. Of course, not all houses are built the same, nor are all windows built the same either. Windows with amazing views but tricky shapes or hard to reach spaces can seem like a lost cause to a new homeowner looking to style their home. No need to give up hope so soon, as new trends in window treatments have allowed for more possibilities than ever before with shapes, styles, and designs to fit all different types of structures or sizes. Let’s take a look into one of the largest, most frequency used, yet hardest windows to fit in a house – the sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass doors are great additions to any home. They offer quick and easy indoor/outdoor access, while offering a large-sized view and creating an open-air cohesive atmosphere in the house. They’re also perfect for those summer days spent in the backyard with you and your loved ones. But how easy can it be to style a window so large and so commonly operated? Thanks to stylish new lines of drapes for sliding doors the solution has never been easier.

Sliding glass door drapes are a fantastic addition to the home – when facing the challenge of choosing a stylish window treatment that won’t hinder the usefulness of the door, sliding door drapes offer you all the benefits without any sacrifice. Drapes for sliding doors help support the door’s function since they can be installed with the opening on the side of the handle, allowing sliding door drapes to effortlessly gather at the side without blocking access, while fun pattern-matching tiebacks can cinch side-mounted sliding door drapes away from the door as well.

Valances are a simple and decorative way to add additional visual appeal to your sliding glass door drapes without blocking the view or hindering operation. When installed by skilled professionals, valances and drapes for sliding doors will rest high enough to avoid interfering with people passing through. Choosing a durable fabric for your sliding door drapes will ensure that they remain easy to clean, will withstand heavy use and traffic, and will additionally help keep your home insulated in the winter while blocking out heat in the summer.

Sliding glass doors, once a tricky shape and size that was difficult to style, have transformed into chic and elegant focal points in a room thanks to the countless options of sliding glass door drapes available today. Find the fabric, pattern, style, or design that’s right for you and your home with a free in-home consultation from an experienced Budget Blinds Style Consultant near you!