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Budget Blinds - Portland, ME

Budget Blinds – Portland, ME

“Putting round shutters in a square raised panel added decorative details that were overlooked during construction,” said Karen Glass.  These little works of art even have North, South, East and West keys on the stiles.

  • Installing a curtain rod above the window frame helps expose a great view
  • Silk curtains, pillows and bedding for rich texture
  • A nautical look is achieved by installing round shutters in a square raised panel

Winning Project Details:

This one had plenty of challenges! We had a million dollar view and wanted drapes, but the ceiling/roofline was angled “in.”  This created limited space for the drapes to stack off the windows. The higher we went with the drapery hardware, the narrower the width and the wider we went, the more height we lost.

We did the math and found just the right placement for a great mix of function and style while maintaining as much view as possible. We mitered the wood traverse rod to the contours of the ceiling angles to give the illusion the rod continues into the ceiling. This also added to the space we needed for the drapery stackback!

The luxurious fabric is Silk Taffeta, interlined, with an accent edge band and 6″ bottom band behind a 6″ bullion fringe. The same fabric was used for the pillows and bedding. The drapery traverse rod is a 2-1/2″ wood finish in Chestnut.

Karen Glass believes the shutters above the bed are one of her best original designs. The designer she worked with said she wanted shutters above the bed, but wished she’d done round windows or something unique to give the room a more nautical feel.  Karen suggested putting round shutters in a square raised panel to accomplish the nautical look detail that was overlooked in construction.

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