In addition to our wide selection of energy saving window coverings, Budget Blinds also offers two high performing window treatments: window film and solar window screens. Both are great for shielding unwanted sun exposure and keeping your home cooler in the hot summer months. Learn more about the differences and benefits of each energy-saving window covering below.

Window Film
Premium clear window film can be applied directly on your windows, rejecting an average of 40% of the sun’s heat and 99% of UV rays. Budget Blinds standard film is completely invisible, yet it efficiently blocks hot spots while also protecting your furniture, carpet, artwork, and even your skin from excessive sun damage. You can enjoy completely unobstructed views of the outside world with standard window film, and should even consider glare control window film for rooms with particularly harsh sun exposure, and in rooms where you watch TV or work on a computer. For best temperature controlling results, Budget Blinds recommends pairing your treated windows with energy saving window coverings.

For rooms that could benefit from window film, but that need a bit more privacy, consider our decorative film options. These window films offer the temperature control and UV protection benefits of their transparent counterparts, but with a glazed surface that gently filters light for a tranquil atmosphere. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, they come in styles like leaves, abstractions, and even colorful stained glass. Make an appointment with your local Budget Blinds style consultant for a full sample book of designs and samples.

Solar Window Screens
Solar window screens, made of UV-blocking synthetic materials, are typically installed behind a window to help trap heat and light before it comes in contact with the glass and into your home. Additionally, exterior solar window screens and retractable door screens make ideal covers for open patio and porch areas. Not only do they help block out pests and allergens, they ensure a more comfortable living space by keeping these areas cooler for relaxing or entertaining in. As an added bonus, they also protect your outdoor furniture from sun damage, increasing its longevity.