Top Treatments

Cora Sutherland

Budget Blinds - Battleford, AB

Budget Blinds of Battleford, AB

First place for Top Treatments

  • A decorative cornice was designed to aesthetically hide the hardware used to motorize the drapes.
  • Coordinating fabrics ensured a seamless flow between the drapes and the cornice for a cohesive look.
  • A burnished metal design was incorporated into the middle of the cornice to complement the dark walls and add flair.

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First Place: Top Treatments 

“My client wanted a cornice to hide the hardware used for the motorized drapery panels we had done for her,” explained Cora Sutherland. “She wanted to use the same white fabric as the draperies on the cornice, but not only that fabric, as she felt it would be too plain. My instructions were to come up with something that would complement the dark walls and flooring.”

Sutherland worked with drapery coach Sherri Brown and they developed a design that incorporated burnished metal as a key design element for the cornice. “The client loved the idea,” said Sutherland, “but it was an intimidating project for us, as it was the first time we had done anything like this. But Sherri and our wonderful suppliers helped us pull everything together. The client agrees that the results are amazing!”