Have you thought about what to get mom for Mother’s Day? If not, consider creating the perfect “mom cave” for her to relax and enjoy her free time. Traditional Mother’s Day gifts like a spa day, flowers and jewelry are great, but what if you could even go a step further and give her something she can use year after year?

Sometimes, mom just needs to get away from her busy schedule and have a little “me” time. Create a private space just for her in your home so she can do what she wants, whenever she wants. Whether it’s to meditate, watch TV, read a book or hang out with the girls, a mom cave is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

We’ve all heard of the infamous man cave; it’s a place where dad can go watch sports, drink a beer or listen to music. If dads can have their own man caves, moms should have a place to just let go and relax too. Here are some mom cave ideas to get you started.

First, pick a room in the house that can be converted into a mom cave. Whether it’s a guest room that’s never used, the garage, or the sun room, pick a place where she will be able to experience peace and quiet at all times.

Next, accessorize the room with all of mom’s favorite things. Think area rugs, throw rugs, a comfy chair, stylish window draperies, blackout shades, a flat screen TV or anything else to add to an ambiance tailored just for her. Does she love doing yoga? Set up her own yoga studio equipped with a yoga mat and yoga DVDs. Does she love to sew? Provide her with her own sewing station. Does she love to read? Create the perfect mood lighting along with a comfortable reading chair. In the end, all you need to do is customize the mom cave to her unique hobbies and interests. And don’t forget the most important thing for the mom cave, a lock!

Before starting to create a mom cave, consult with our dedicated window treatment specialists at Budget Blinds who can help you on this exciting project just for mom.