Tired of scrolling through Pinterest and DIY sites to find designs for your next tablescape? Why not create your next centerpiece using items that you love. Like the song from The Sound of Music,these are a few of my favorite things,” using items that you love will help create a masterpiece. Pairing what you like can create fun tablescapes that can be used all year round.

Botanical Garden:
Use elements from nature for your next centerpiece, it will make your table feel more fresh and clean. A great way to incorporate plants onto your table is by placing succulents and other plants into a clear vase so your guests can see how beautiful nature can be.
Ocean Shells:
We all love the ocean! Incorporate shells into your next table setting to bring a nautical vibe to your home. This type of centerpiece is great for your summer parties. In a neutral setting you can add a pop of color with blue dishware to bring the beach to your home.
Flower Arrangement:
Nothing beats fresh flowers in your home. They bring brightness and a great smell that makes everyone happy. Arranging your favorite flower in a colorful vase will bring your tablescape to life and look beautiful.
Fresh Fruit:
Why not use a bowl of fruit as your centerpiece? It will be a multi-purpose tablescape while looking great and feeding your guests a fresh snack while you prepare dinner. Mixing different fruits will also bring additional color to your table.
A beautiful statue or sculpture can easily become the center of your tablescape. Using a piece of art can help decorate your table and give your guests a topic of conversation. It will look gorgeous and keep the conversation going all night.
Book Décor:
If you love reading, arranging your favorite books in the center of a table can become a tablescape. You can place other items around them for more décor. Use intriguing titles and beautiful photography that will give everyone something to talk about.
Color-coordinating your place settings for any dinner creates a beautiful table. Picking a color and coordinating your whole table around it makes it simple yet fun. Match everything from the napkins, plates and even flowers for a uniform look.
Natural Wood:
A natural element like a piece of wood can serve as a base for your next tablescape. Placing contrasting elements like crystal glasses alongside the wood can give your room an eclectic look and make other items in the room stand out.
Mood Lighting:
Twinkle and accent lights are normally up during the holidays but you can use them all year round. A string of lights with other décor can brighten up your table and look beautiful, especially in the evening. It can create a lovely centerpiece and create mood lighting for your party.
Lit Candles:
Candles bring a certain ambiance to any table setting. Candles can stand alone as the centerpiece and look great, singly or in groupings. It is a simple way to decorate your table without going overboard.

It can be fun finding items in your home to create tablescapes! Feel free to use these ideas for your next project. Now start searching your home for items you love to create your next masterpiece. Show us a picture of your favorite tablescape you created in the comments below.