We spend weeks trimming our homes for the holidays! We pull out treasures we only see once a year. So after the holiday decorations are stowed away for another year, many homes feel empty and as sterile as a hospital room. Avoid the Post Holiday Humdrum Home Syndrome with a few well placed accents!

The right accent pieces can make your home look refreshed.

  • Clear the clutter! Clutter gets in the way of making your home the best it can be. Our sister company Tailored Living has some great tips on clearing clutter.
  • Stow all your holiday gear and put only those pieces that bring you joy on display. It’s okay to rotate those decorative pieces so it always looks like you have something new.
  • Dress up windows by surrounding them with decorative drapery panels and beautiful drapery hardware.  Change out your drapery panels seasonally to capture the essence of that season: light-colored panels for spring, gauzy cotton panels for summer, textured and richly colored panels for fall and stunning, shimmery silk panels and valances for winter.
  • Add coordinating throw pillows to carry the colors from your seasonal drapery panels throughout the room.
  • Swap out the dark area rug for a natural-colored sisal area rug with an attractive trim.