Holiday Time! That space between Thanksgiving and the New Year when people pull down home decorations to adorn their homes for a few brief weeks. Some homes sparkle; others seem wrapped in homey touches. But everyone knows someone who goes a bit too far. You know who I mean.  The person that puts out every holiday item they ever received, including that oh-so charming reindeer candy dispenser.

You can add holiday touches to your home without trying to force traditional holiday colors work with your everyday décor. The trick is giving the everyday items a holiday while turning up the volume for the holidays. Here are some tips to help you deck the halls stylishly. Adjust them to meet your lifestyle:

  • Swap everyday throw pillows for throw pillows in hues that complement your décor, but in a more saturated hue with a touch of luxurious texture or a little bit of shimmer.  For example, if you usually accent with slate blue, push the saturation to royal or midnight blue.
  • For drama, look for pillows with embellishments like beading, tassels and fringe. If you have small children or pets that will play with and consume beading, tassels and fringe, you can still create drama (in a good way) with your décor.  Look for floor pillows in colors that complement your décor. They’ll be larger than your throw pillows so you’ll get an unexpected extra pop of color, and you’ll get some extra seating if needed.
  • Take down your everyday drapery panels and dress your windows with shimmering silk dupioni drapery panels and valance.  Of course, your Budget Blinds style consultant can help you select the perfect colors and finishes.
  • Add some eye candy to your windows, e.g. cornice boxes, valances, drapery panels.
  • Create cozy conversation nooks by anchoring them with an area rug.
  • Avoid knick-knack overload. Give your holiday treasures center stage and give your everyday items a break. Not only will you save time dusting, but when it’s time to say so long to holiday décor for another year, your everyday items will look fresh, and the house won’t seem so empty.
  • Remember to play it safe! Lighting candles and roasting chestnuts on an open fire is part of the fun, but a fire can ruin your holiday. Keep candles away from fabrics. Never use live candles on your tree. Mind your fires. Keep your live trees hydrated. Don’t overload electrical circuits. And keeping a charged home fire extinguisher in your home is always a good idea.

Warmest holiday wishes to you and yours.