Decorative Hardware

Dell and Susan Cannon

Budget Blinds - SW Lubbock, TX

Budget Blinds of SW Lubbock, TX

Second place for decorative hardware

  • A curved crown canopy mounted to the peak, just above the window valances, offsets the awkward space and low furniture in the room.
  • The canopy heightens the room and hides the small space between the windows while valances balance the ornamentation of the canopy.
  • Antique-looking hardware and lace complement the existing furnishings.

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Second Place: Decorative Hardware 

This guest bedroom has an awkward space between the two windows and the short headboard only made that issue more evident. A curved crown, mounted so the peak is just slightly higher than the valances, helps emphasize the height of the room, while the faux canopy of lace disguises the odd gap between the windows. The antique-looking hardware and lace complements the existing furnishings but adds a special, welcoming touch to the room.