Fabric Blinds

Contrasting cloth tapes and a customized wood cornice box beautifully enhance these tall windows.

How many hours have you spent examining catalogues, scouring websites on window treatments and looking at thousands of pictures of blinds, shades, drapes and shutters on Pinterest and Instagram? Have you reached the point of “window saturation” so that you don’t have any idea of what you want anymore?

Sometimes we can get too much of a good thing.

Budget Blinds can spare you this saturation affliction by asking the right questions that guide you to the right choices for designing the perfect window coverings to vibrantly express your personal style. Budget Blinds is America’s #1 window coverings franchise for a very good reason!  We know windows and design and our customers.

It’s All about Style and Utility

Window coverings serve two major purposes: to adorn your windows and enhance the function of your home. Different window treatments offer different benefits and some are more efficient than others for specific needs. For instance:

  • In kitchens and bathrooms where moisture accumulates, faux wood wears better than real wood in blinds or shutters.
  • When privacy is important, light-filtering shades may not offer sufficient coverage, but adding lining or layering treatments can give complete privacy.
  • Cordless window treatments are safer around small children or pets.
  • Hard-to-reach or odd-shaped windows can be beautifully enhanced by the right window coverings.
  • Cost is generally a factor; find the best value combination to maximize beauty and utility.
  • Some window coverings provide better insulation than others.
  • Motorization can be added to most styles for ease of operation.
  • Augment the gorgeous view you bought the house for with complementary window treatments.

What you want your windows to do (let in light, block the light, UV protection, easy operation, insulate, etc.) will determine many of the factors in the final design. With our extensive family of vendor partners and our own Signature Series®, your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can offer practical, stunning solutions for any size budget.  We can help you design the perfect look–bold, sophisticated, trendy or classic—with all the functionality you need.

Window Customization Exclusively for You

Since every style of window covering does have its own unique features and benefits, that’s the starting point for designing your custom window treatments. What comes standard for a specific style may be all you need, but you don’t have to stop there. The allure of customization is that you can make changes and add extras that allow you to create your own signature style.

  • Fabric choices range from sheer to heavy drapery, with hundreds of color and pattern choices.
  • Light filtering options in shades and linings go from sheer to room-darkening and even blackout.
  • Toppers such as valances and cornice boxes in numerous decorative styles can be added to enhance any window.
  • Lift options include continuous-loop lift, cordless lift, smart pull lift, bottom up/top down and motorization (remote control).
  • Slat and pleat sizes vary depending on the light control and look you want to achieve.
  • Many styles offer optional cloth tapes for artistic detail as well as added strength.
  • Decorative edging, trims and fringes are available on many styles of shades and drapery.
  • Layering treatments is a way to increase visual interest. Drapery panels over shades or blinds transform a window while also increasing energy efficiency by adding an additional layer of insulation.
  • Window film and solar shades offer unique energy-saving alternatives.
  • Decorative drapery hardware such as rods, finials, grommets, hooks and holdbacks are “window jewelry” and choices abound for colors, materials, and textures to make your windows exquisite.

Design GuideEven if you already have window treatments in place and you just want to update and refresh your windows with decorative embellishments, fabulous drapery panels or energy-efficient functionality, we can certainly help. Visit our web site for lots of visual inspiration and review our Design Guide or Inspired Drapes Lookbook for ideas featuring the latest trends.

If you’re ready to love your windows, give us a call. Your Budget Blinds Style Consultant will come to your home, bring actual product samples and idea books, and walk you through the process to painlessly design distinctly styled windows to showcase your home. Call 866-590-6341 today for a free, in-home consultation or go online to www.budgetblinds.com to find the Style Consultant near you.