When it comes to choosing wood shutters for the windows in your home, there are quite a few factors to consider including color, shape, style and material. Additionally, in today’s environmentally conscious world it’s important also to consider wood options that won’t detract from our ecosystem, but rather, support it responsibly. But while color, shape, and style choices can be guided by the shape of the windows and color scheme of the room, shutter material and the environmental impact of your choice, are much less clearly directed. With all these aspects to take into consideration, it isn’t always obvious what the best option is, so Budget Blinds is here to help you find the eco-friendly shutter option to compliment every room in your home!

Wood ShuttersEco-friendly material options most frequently accompany businesses that sell responsibly sourced products. Look into where the wood for the shutters comes from and what steps are taken to ensure that that ecosystem is not dying out. All of the wood products from Budget Blinds come from North American forests that practice sustainable yield forest management techniques. This means that though trees are harvested in certain areas, even more trees are replanted, creating a sustainable forest environment.

On the other hand, the wood you choose for your wood shutters is a decision that should complement the shutter’s design, your vision for the room, and which woods work best with your climate.

Here are four of the most popular wood shutter options available to you:

  • Maple is one of the strongest woods available. Thanks to its strength, it is great for windows that receive lots of use, like living rooms. Its strength lends it to a wider variety of designs, including a wider shutter. Maple holds stain and paint well and has a beautiful natural grain. It’s also weather resistant.
  • Basswood is a hardwood that is used frequently for wood shutters. Though it holds stain and paint well, creating a uniform look for your shutters, it is susceptible to dents and is weaker, so it cannot support the wide range of designs that other hardwoods can.
  • Bamboo is frequently used with blinds. It is a plentiful resource and a highly renewable one as well. Bamboo blinds create a natural, exotic ambience, and so work well in rooms that you want to feel particularly calm and relaxed. What’s more, its durability helps it to withstand many weather conditions.
  • Cedar generally has a beautiful finish, but because it is soft, it scratches easily. However, it is highly resistant to bugs and decay, and is great for rooms that are susceptible to outside weather changes.

Thanks to its commitment to providing environmentally friendly wood products, any wood shutters you purchase from Budget Blinds, no matter the type of wood, will come from a certified green forest. And because Budget Blinds is dedicated to bringing you a completely satisfactory product and experience, we will help take the stress out of shutter shopping and ensure that you are completely happy with the end result. Give your local Budget Blinds consultant a call today!