Living rooms and family rooms often provide the best view in the house for the great outdoors. But people sometimes forget how dirty their carpets can get, it might be wise for some to learn from Carpet Cleaning Tustin professionals so they understand how they can move forward with making their carpets look like new again! But I digress. Where the family stays and plays, a gorgeous view can be a big part of the experience. Panoramic views and vistas are strong selling points, and many homes are custom-built to capture special views of mountain grandeur, rivers, ocean shorelines or desert sunsets.

If you are fortunate enough to have a great view, you probably have big, glorious windows. If you don’t, maybe it’s time you looked into getting some nice, new windows for your house – läs mer. But big, glorious uncovered windows can create problems that may diminish the joy of your view over time.

  • No light and privacy control
  • Excessive heat buildup from the sun
  • Colder inside temperatures when it’s cold outside
  • UV damage to furnishings
  • Lack of a design aesthetic (Just like people, most windows look their best when well-dressed!)

Custom window blinds from Budget Blinds® are the ideal solution to allow you to have your spectacular view without sacrificing style and efficiency in your home. As the #1 window coverings franchise in the U.S. and Canada, Budget Blinds offers a wide range of products to ensure that you can dress your living room or family room windows to enhance your view while making your home more beautiful.

Energy-efficient window blinds add exceptional style

The very nature of window blinds makes them the ideal window covering. They are extremely versatile, come in many styles and colors and have solutions for every budget.

  • When closed, blinds block the hot sun or retain heat inside, helping to maintain a consistent temperature indoors. This reduces the need to run the heating or air, saving on energy costs all year long.
  • They provide complete light and privacy control by manipulating the slats or louvers, for as much or as little exposure as you desire. Some styles of blinds and shades can be pulled up to completely expose a view.
  • Any style of window treatment will provide UV protection to your furnishings, blocking the damaging rays of the sun and protecting rugs, upholstery, artwork and furniture. This could be very important if you are thinking about getting antique furniture for your home since sunlight can affect the wood of the furniture and, in the end, its value. Getting window blinds could be one of many ways to help with keeping your antique furniture’s natural look.

The big question is: what style is going to look and serve best in your home? Budget Blinds has a wide range of distinctive styles to satisfy any taste and lifestyle from cabin rustic to glam couture, making your living room or family room the perfect setting for that captivating view!

Elements of design

Wood Blinds

The beauty of wood creates dark elegance in this transitional living room

When choosing window blinds, various factors should be considered, including color, finish, composition and slat size. (The wider the slat, the more unobstructed the view when the blinds are open.)

  • For a natural look, real wood, faux wood or composite blinds will bring the warm tones and textures of wood into your home. Also available in a variety of paint colors, from whites to neutrals, with smooth or textured finishes.
  • For a soft, natural light, fabric blinds (also available as vertical sheers) give the control of louvers with the filtered light of shades when the blinds are open. Faux arches add a decorative touch and make these three windows appear taller.
  • Budget-conscious blinds include vinyl and aluminum styles, in sizes from 1/2” micro to 2” premium slat sizes, available in an almost endless array of colors and finishes.
  • For large windows, vertical blinds may be the answer. In myriad styles, textures and colors, S-shaped blinds can even mimic the look of drapery.
  • Layered and top treatments will give your blinds a very custom look, whether you add drapery panels, fabric or wood valances or cornices. They provide the crowning glory to your blinds and make them truly your own design.

Layered Window Coverings

Layering draperies over blinds adds additional insulation, and custom top treatments make ordinary windows extraordinary

The “magic” of motorized window blinds

Do you remember the old days before TV remotes eliminated the need to jump up every time you wanted to adjust the sound or change the channel? Maybe it’s time to apply that same convenience to your window coverings. With Somfy® motorization, your blinds can be controlled without an ounce of effort on your part—the touch of a button will open or close the blinds so you don’t have to be interrupted. Motorized blinds…

  • Can be set to sensors so that they close automatically when the temperature rises
  • Use timers to open and close even when you’re not home, to block the hot sun or give the allusion of someone being home
  • Are a safer choice for homes with children and pets, no dangling cords
  • Make it easy to manage hard-to-reach windows and skylights
  • Have control options including wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes and the new Somfy® MyLinkTM app for whole home automation

As you can see, there are many options for designing the perfect blinds for your living room and it may be a little challenging. That’s where your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help. With just a phone call, they’ll be in your home with samples and design guides to walk you through all your options and ensure that you get window coverings that you’ll love!

In addition to blinds, we have an extensive selection of window shades, including Roman shades and solar shades, shutters, drapery and decorative drapery hardware, window film, and more, to bring security, safety and convenience to every room in your home. Call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find the Style Consultant nearest you.