At Budget Blinds, we truly support our customers. Whether they are moving into a new space, adjusting a home to meet new lifestyle needs, or renovating a house that has been in the family for quite some time, we want them to live as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

Did you know that by updating your home with unique and beautiful energy saving window coverings, you may be able to lower your recurring energy expenses by up to 30%?

While the majority of window coverings can protect your interiors from UV damage and protect the eyes from distracting sun glare, not all of them can insulate your home from cold winter weather, and lower the need for air conditioning in summer months. Budget Blinds offers a variety of insulating, energy saving window coverings, including beautiful and luxurious Roman shades. Roman shades bring rooms together with dramatic designer fabrics and contemporary colors. With so many unique fold options to choose from including, balloon, casual, butterfly, and relaxed folds, Roman shades are timeless window coverings that add beauty and elegance to any room.

Available in light-filtering opacities to soften the atmosphere, as well as room-darkening ones to dim light and improve privacy, the various fabrics Roman shades come in can be particularly insulating for optimal energy expense savings.

The efficiency of Roman shades extends beyond energy costs, as they have a flowing and potentially dramatic drape-like design that is particularly easy to operate. By operating these shades as easily as you would any standard roller or cordless shade, you can adjust the amount of natural light let in by these beautiful drape-inspired designs. Roman shades can even be motorized to operate at the quick click of a button, or programmed to adjust automatically by time of day.

Other unique and high performing energy saving window coverings include honeycomb cellular shades, hard wood shutters and window film. To view samples and learn more about the benefits of each, contact a local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today.