A master bathroom is often referred to as an oasis, a place of peace and solitude, or a private getaway. Envision a spa-like setting of luxury and indulgence: candles, wine, bubbles, soft, fluffy towels, lush flowers and a panoramic view…

But, it is also where you climb into your clothes, hurriedly apply makeup and fly out the door to get to work on time in the morning. So, for most, a master bath is a multi-purpose destination. It’s where you start and end your day, so it should be both beautiful and practical, with a focus on comfort:

  • Helps you unwind in splendor when it’s time to relax
  • Sets you on the fast-track to start your day

Elements of design

Faux Wood Blinds Buying and Selling

This elegant bath has coordinating color composite blinds with contrasting decorative tape, providing complete privacy along with abundant natural light from the open arch above

Creating your own personal space involves bringing in what you love, incorporating color, style, accessories and function. It could also means doing a few renovations like switching the bath for a shower and changing the colour of the walls to deciding to incorporate bathroom vanities without tops. Regardless of what’s done to the bathroom, it’s all about creating a place where everyone feels comfortable being in.

In a master bath, light and privacy needs are especially critical and the right window coverings from Budget Blinds® will not only provide the all-important light and privacy control, but also celebrate and empower your personal style!

Make your master bath your favorite room in the house with these decorating tips:

  • Create a restful palette with neutrals or soft blues and greens
  • Create drama with sharp contrasting colors like black and white
  • Use mirrors in stylish frames to reflect light and create an illusion of spaciousness
  • Install blinds in bold colors or natural textures to add dimension
  • Add height and softness with ceiling-to-floor drapes layered over blinds
  • Splurge on towel warmers and luxurious rugs to pamper yourself
  • Add whimsical touches for fun–the vintage ceramic poodle with rhinestone eyes
  • Dimmer switches allow for bright light or a softened glow for a luxurious soak
  • Try an intense color in a small space, such as a deep blue wall or floor
  • Bring nature indoors with live plants and organic elements like woven wood accessories
  • Decorative hooks and organization/storage pieces create beautiful, useful space

Window blinds for beauty and function

Black Faux Wood Blinds

Black faux wood blinds help create the drama in this modern, black and white bathroom

Windows are an important dynamic in any bathroom, providing light and ventilation. Some bathrooms have very small windows, while others may have full-length or a wall of windows, creating a challenge to get the right light and privacy balance. A bathroom also has the issue of moisture from sinks, tubs and showers, so moisture-resistant window treatments should be selected for the best, long-lasting result.

Budget Blinds offers a wide range of colors, finishes and styles of custom blinds that are perfect for the humid environment of a master bath, home spa or guest bathroom.

  • Faux Wood blinds and composite wood blinds look like real wood, but have moisture-resistant properties that make them perfect for any bathroom. They are available in 2” and 2-1/2” slates, in colors from white to black, in smooth and textured finishes, including natural woodgrains and colors. They provide the classic look of real wood blinds at a lesser cost, and won’t crack, peel, or color fade over time. Optional motorization gives one-button control for ultimate convenience.

Vinyl blinds in horizontal or vertical styles are an ideal choice for any bathroom since they come in an endless array of colors and textures, and verticals provide the additional design option of embossed patterns and S-shaped styles that give the appearance of soft drapery for large windows. Vinyl blinds are highly durable and can withstand heat, direct sunlight and high humidity, so you’ll get years of carefree function and beauty.

  • Aluminum blinds offer the widest range of slat sizes, from 1/2” micro to 1” and 2” premium slat sizes, making them a good option for small bathroom windows. Custom mini blinds can fit any unique-shaped window. They’re light-weight, easy to clean and come in every color of the rainbow. Aluminum blinds are moisture-resistant and can be motorized, so they are an excellent choice for those high, hard-to-reach windows over the tub or shower.

Fabric blinds marry the qualities of louvered blinds and fabric shades. When open, the light-filtering fabric lets in defused sunlight; when closed, these blinds afford complete privacy. Fabric blinds repel dirt and dust, are stain-resistant and light-weight. Fabric blinds can be customized with decorative cloth tapes in coordinating or eye-popping contrasting colors.

Our blinds can be motorized for hard-to-reach windows like skylights, or just to enjoy the ultimate convenience of one-touch operation. For additional texture and color in your personal retreat, layer fabric valances with swags and cascades over any style of blinds, shutters or shades. Drapery panels over blinds give an especially opulent feel, whether filmy sheers or opaque fabrics.

If your master bath isn’t quite your ideal oasis, or if any room in your home needs some window fashion TLC, call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.budgetblinds.com  to find the Budget Blinds’ Style Consultant nearest you. Your Style Consultant will come with samples of blinds and shutters and innovative design ideas from our exclusive lines, Inspired Drapes and Signature Series®, including shades, curtains, drapes, decorative drapery hardware and more.