Holiday DraperyIf you’ve visited our About Style blog or our website or seen our Design Guide, surely you’ve seen bundling, the practice of layering two or more classic window treatments over one window to make a stylish statement in your home.  One of my all-time favorite photos from our archives is a shot we took in 2004. It features cranberry silk doupioni drapery panels and valance gracefully framing an understated roller shade for a grand pop of holiday glamour. We even puddled the drapery panel onto the floor for a richer, more sophisticated look.  You’ll also notice that the cranberry color is echoed in the chair covers and the tableware to tie the whole color story together.

Even if this look doesn’t fit your home’s style, here are some design tips you can use this season and beyond:

  • Add some holiday elegance by swapping everyday fabrics for jewel tones that coordinate with your décor.
  • Repeat colors three times in a room at three levels – low, waist height, and high – to draw your eye through the room.  This ties the look together and demonstrates that you had a plan going into this holiday decorating.
  • Be bold, but stay balanced. See how the bold cranberry tone is balanced by the more neutral gold walls.
  • Graciously accept the admiration of your friends and family.