Holiday DrapesWhether you’ll be entertaining or traveling, we have the top tips for making sure your home is ready for the hectic holiday season.

1. It’s not all visions of sugar-plums
Set realistic expectations. Before you even start thinking about Thanksgiving turkey, Black Friday and holiday festivities remember what the season is all about – spreading love and cheer to all that’s far and near.

Take the time to create a calendar of all the holiday to-do’s you want to tackle. Set deadlines for each and plan time to get each task done. Start to de-clutter in early fall before you’re overwhelmed with dinner parties and last minute shopping. Update your greeting card mailing list and holiday wish lists while the family visits for Thanksgiving. Delegate cooking duties to family and friends. Enlist help from the kids by teaching them how to take on age-appropriate house work.

2. Make a list and check it twice
Set a budget early on and research practical tips to help you stay within your budget. Don’t underestimate how expensive homemade gifts can be and don’t overlook how far a batch of warm cookies with creative packaging can go.

List all the people you need to shop for with gift ideas to get an estimate of how much you might spend. Find out how they like to decorate their home, what their favorite foods are and what their other interests might be. Remember, it’s the thought that counts – not the price tag or discount.

3. Deck the Halls

Before you bring out the storage bins and boxes of decorations, be sure to clean the rooms that guests will be entertained in and pack away your home accent pieces that might clash with your holiday décor. The additional room accents can seem like clutter in a room that’s not neat and tidy. Don’t forget to check on your boiler to make sure you’re getting the most efficient heating for the holidays because we all know how cold it can get, it’ll also save you some money for more presents for your loved ones. My friend told me that boiler repair ridge wood or a similar service in your area was a good option if you’re interested.

If you have to move your furniture to make room for a tree, make sure you look for spots in the carpet that might be discolored. Use inexpensive rugs or runners that compliment your festive décor to hide carpet stains. If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned for a while then contact someone like Champion Chem Dry to get them looking fresh before guests arrive.

If you plan to place your tree in the window, be sure that there’s plenty of room between the tree and the window so that the treatments will close properly. Leaving the treatments open may seem like a nice way to spread holiday cheer among your neighbors but it also invites thieves to see into your home.

Motorized blinds offer a convenient solution for controlling your home lighting. Motorized Blinds Powered by Somfy® feature a timer to help you remember to close your treatments and can provide the illusion that someone’s home if you’re planning to leave town for the holidays. Most importantly, motorized blinds are inherently cordless helping to prevent harm to little ones, pets or even your holiday decorations!

4. Now bring us some figgy pudding
Whether you plan to take on the Thanksgiving feast with a one man army or have the pleasure of sharing your favorite dish with your family, it’s a good idea to start early and plan ahead.

Choose recipes that are freezer friendly such as mashed potato casserole or candied yams. Almost any dessert can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer to be ready in minutes after dinner is served and the oven is still warm!

If you’re hosting the holidays at your house, be sure the taste buds of your loved ones are fully satisfied with healthy appetizers and easy starters.

Looking for an easy clean-up tip? Fill a large sink or tub with hot water to place dinnerware in right away so food doesn’t stick to your fine china.

5. May you’re days be merry and bright!
Don’t let the holiday season overwhelm you with stress. We recommend you think of the traditions that your family members might have outgrown and think of new ones that bring a refreshing perspective to the season. Pick out the memories you and your family enjoy most and keep those as traditions. The holiday season can cost quite a lot of money. If the cost is worrying you, make sure you check out this website giving equity release advice as having a secure finance will help you to enjoy the season more!

Perhaps the kids have outgrown decorating sugar cookies and reading story books. Teach them the meaning of giving back and start a tradition volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating old clothes and toys to charity. Maybe it feels like there’s just no time to go caroling together. Play the songs your family likes to sing while getting the home ready for guests to arrive.

Whatever you end up doing to celebrate, sit back and relax so you can have enough energy left to start planning your new year’s resolutions. Happy Holidays!