How long have you lived in your home? Can you wander room to room and place double-digit figures on how long you’ve had everything? If you’re not finding at least some new infusions of home fashions, maybe it’s time to give your home a facelift.

Just as you follow new beauty developments and fashion trends to stay at your own personal best, you should keep an eye on home fashion trends to keep your home looking its best. You don’t have to blindly follow the crowd or do something just because the experts declare it’s “in,” but do adopt whatever you find that you love. And remember, even little changes can make a big impact; like that fabulous watercolor print scarf that breathed new life into your wardrobe.

Color can dramatically alter a room’s appearance


Patterned drapes and coordinating pillows bring this room to life

Color, or the lack thereof, can set the tone of a room…boring or breathtaking, solemn or stimulating. If you have neutral walls, furniture and rugs, it’s time to liven things up with some creative color, or maybe just change up your color scheme if it’s been around for a really long time.

  • Install richly-hued drapery to add drama
  • Buy colorful, patterned pillows and throws for the couch or beds
  • Use bright colored area rugs to define spaces
  • Paint one wall a bold accent color
  • Paint trim and baseboards a contrasting color to the wall
  • Set out fresh or silk flowers to bring a garden indoors
  • Add décor pieces or wall art in vibrant colors
  • Install new blinds, shades or shutters

Mixing textures brings sensory excitement into your space

Woven Shades

Woven wood shades add organic texture to this living room

Texture invites interaction with your space, and interesting textures cause us to reach out and touch. Introduce new textures that reflect your design style and make your rooms feel refreshed.

  • Add a soft throw or pillows to a leather couch, chair or uninspired bed
  • Warm up modern furniture with natural accessories like seashells or plants
  • Update a traditional side table with an art deco, mixed metals sculpture
  • Bed linens, towels and rugs add texture and sensory design
  • Set out décor pieces that beg to be touched; smooth glass paperweights or pottery pieces
  • Organic materials like woven wood shades enhance the textural experience of a room
  • A bookshelf can host various collectibles and books to add textural interest

Your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help put a new face on your home with updated, trending home fashions and colors. Our consultants come to your home, armed with Idea books and samples to help you make the very best decisions about updating your home’s window coverings and more. Along with shutters, blinds, shades, drapes, top treatments such as valances, decorative hardware options and specialty window treatments, Budget Blinds also offers select home décor items like pillows, rugs and bedding to complete your home’s transformation.

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