Reed BlindsEarlier this month we introduced you to Jose Vido. Jose, a third-generation Brazilian coffee grower and owner of Morningstar Coffee, is our Green Ambassador and has inspired us in the ways of living green. Because of this, going green has become second nature to Budget Blinds® and eco-friendly materials have become a powerful trend in home design. What do these designs looks like? Will they make your home look like you’re living in the middle of the jungle? Definitely not! Read on to discover how Budget Blinds® is going green.

EnlightenedStyle™ Woven Wood
From earth-friendly bamboo to natural grasses and reeds, woven wood shades provide natural texture and style to any room in your home.

Renewable Materials
Add style to your home with beautiful window coverings made from these sustainable materials:

Woven Woods and Composite Wood Blinds. Both are made with materials such as bamboo, grass and reedsand are made mostly from recycled material- adding a little more green to your home!

Energy Efficiency
Add an extra layer of protection to windows with an energy efficient window covering! Industry data suggests that some window coverings can double the efficiency of bare double-paned windows, which could lead to big savings on energy bills for you! If your energy bills don’t go down or are still just that little bit too expensive, then perhaps you should find a new energy provider? Why not consider taking a look at these Cirro Energy reviews to give you a better idea of how other companies work and how they might benefit you?

With eco-friendly ideas like these, who wouldn’t go green with their home décor? How are you going green in your home? Leave us a comment letting us know!