Just because summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean the spirit of summer has to. In fact, bringing the casually chic essence of beachside living into your home, no matter where you live, can contribute to a calmer and more serene atmosphere.

What’s interesting is how large of a role lighting plays in our perception of a room’s ambiance. While fluorescent light stimulates us, for example, soft natural lights put us at ease. With just the right use of window coverings and their fine control of the sun’s rays, even suburban homes can be made to feel like a beach side escape.

Window Coverings for Beach-like Home Design Ideas
Two popular home design solutions Budget Blinds offers for setting a beach-like mood are cellular shades and plantation shutters. What makes cellular shades perfect for creating a beach-like atmosphere is that they let you choose when to let soft, natural light in, and when to completely block it out. They’re available in a variety of colors, from soft creams and bright whites, and two-tone colors, such as greens and blues– perfect for reminding family members of the sea and its calming, nurturing effects. Since cellular shades offer varying degrees of opacity and insulation, they can even contribute to a more comfortable living environment by keeping your home cooler on hot summer days and warmer in the winter months. Their versatile design lets you seamlessly combine horizontal and vertical shades in rooms that contain both windows and sliding doors, and their cordless design ensures that they are safe for homes with pets or young children.

Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are great for rooms with beach house aspirations because they communicate luxury with an earthy aesthetic. Made from 100% hardwood, they come in a variety of stain finishes that preserve their natural look––but can also be painted any color to match a more specific beach theme. You can customize your view by selecting whether two, three, or four inch slats are right for your home. From a functional perspective, plantation shutters effectively control sunlight, ensure privacy, and are both eco-friendly and energy saving. Plus, since they are affixed within a home, they may also increase its future resale value.

To speak with a Budget Blinds Style Consultant about creating a beach-like feeling simply by replacing your window coverings, schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today. Your local specialist will come to your home with swatches and samples in hand to help you plan your makeover. Be sure to also ask about the convenience of motorization, as well as other features and benefits.