Though it may seem unlikely, creating harmony between your home and the natural world outside is possible. Today’s eco-friendly home accessories are not only supplying your home with a fresh, organic look, they’re also improving the relationship your home has with nature. And Budget Blinds is determined to help improve that relationship. Thanks to its energy saving and ecological products, Budget Blinds is here to offer you window blinds that will make you, and the trees in your backyard, smile.

Budget Blinds offers blinds, shutters and shades that are made from eco-friendly wood materials. All wood products from Budget Blinds are sourced using sustainable yield forest management techniques, so more trees are planted than are harvested. This means that when you invest in Budget Blinds wood blinds, you are helping a forest to grow, not shrink. Plus wood products, like bamboo blinds, bring naturalness to your home living environment too, creating an organic and natural tone in any of your rooms. Bamboo blinds and other wood window coverings, including woven wood shades, bring richness and beauty to a room and affirm your commitment to a healthier future for the planet.

In addition to choosing products made of eco-friendly materials, you can increase your energy saving potential by investing in blinds and shades that block out the heat in summer and cold in winter. This will save you money on your energy bill and increase your positive impact on the environment. One type of shade that prevents weather from negatively affecting your in-home environment is the honeycomb shade. While creating sleekness and simplicity in the appearance of your windows, honey comb or cellular shades, also reduce your AC and heating use by insulating the rooms in your home. That is, their multiple layers help prevent outdoor elements from affecting your indoor climate, leaving you with a pleasant atmosphere year around.

Another energy saving option that is great for reducing your AC use is solar shades. Solar shades are a type of window covering that shields the interior of your home against solar heat. These treatments are designed to filter out sunlight that can damage your furniture and raise temperatures, so you’re getting double the energy efficiency! These shades will help to extend the life of your furniture and reduce use of energy-draining appliances. Like cellular shades, solar shades create a sleek and clean cover for your windows that prevents glare from distorting your TV and computer screens. Another product from Budget Blinds that is very similar to solar shades are window films which are applied directly to your windows and reject 40% of the sun’s heat and up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

All of these Budget Blind products will give you an eco-friendlier home, but if you’d really like to maximize the energy saving power of your window blinds, consider layering your window treatments. Applying both window film and bamboo blinds will reduce the sun’s impact on your interior temperatures and give you an attractive and natural window covering. Combinations like these will only improve your home’s relationship with the environment. Budget Blinds can help you and your family create a greener, more efficient home today!