Happy Valentine’s!

AS a blogger, I check out what other bloggers are  – well, blogging about.  While visiting my friend Vicki’s blog, I noticed that she was reflecting on things she loves. That resonated with me.  What do I love about my home?

I Love: The feeling of “home”

There’s a difference between a mere house and a home. Houses require investments of money; homes require the investment of soul. Home conjures feelings of belonging. Of comfort. Of safety. So, what do you love about your home?

I Love: My new window treatments

I know what you’re thinking. But really, I LOVE my new window treatments! I have gorgeous Signature Series by Budget Blinds woven woods . They add the perfect natural element to complement my beach house themed décor. And after years of trying to find just the right spot to watch television without glare, my new window treatments with blackout lining, make it a joy! No more eye strain, either.  Plus, I have top-down-bottom-up option, so I can adjust how light that enters the room, too!   What do you love?

I Love: Bread

Since my self-imposed moratorium on bread after 5 p.m. I really haven’t thought about bread much. The other night I was lured to the darkside when I was offered possibly the most perfect breadstick in the world!  It was hot from the oven with a light layer of butter and a dusting of garlic salt on top. For me, that small bit of gooey, chewy goodness was a little bit of heaven.  I enjoyed it torn morsel by glorious torn morsel.

What do you love?