Budget Blinds of Roanoke (VA), owned by Chip Lilly and Doug Guilliams made a recent donation of blinds to their local SPCA.

“My wife, Teresa and I adopted our dog from the facility and we were so impressed with them we pledged to make regular donations,” said Chip Lilly.  “They make a positive impact on our community and we want to help wherever we can.” When the SPCA designed their new ‘state of the art’ building, the board of directors wanted to make it a totally transparent facility.  The executive directors office not only had a glass door, but three walls of glass as well.

While delivering our latest donation of dog treats and paper towels, we inquired to the director, Leslie Hervey about the efficiency of all the glass.  She informed my wife and I that while on the surface it seemed to be a good idea, it was hindering her ability to complete some serious business.  “It makes it difficult to write grant requests when people are tapping on the glass to wave,” she told us.  She had taped giant pieces of cardboard in various places, trying to gain a little privacy, but it really didn’t help the decor of her office space.

“It was like a light bulb went off over my head.  Hanging the Signature mini blinds would afford Leslie the best of both worlds and make her office a bit more fashionable,” said Chip.

“I LOVE my blinds.  You guys are awesome!”  Leslie said in a recent email.