With heating and cooling expenses accounting for nearly 60% of a home’s energy costs, it pays to conserve. (US Dept. Of Energy and Natural Resources Canada). But did you know that researchers at the US Department of Energy reports that windows can account for 10-25% of your home energy bill?

After weather stripping and caulking your windows, your window coverings are your next line of defense in keeping Old Man Winter outside.  Experts agree that the type of window covering you have on your windows can impact how much energy you’ll conserve; but how your window treatments are installed also impacts their insulating powers. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that appropriately installed window treatments can cut heat loss by as much as 25 percent! To ensure you’re getting the most from your window treatments ask your Style Consultant about these heat-conserving strategies:

  • Snugly-fitted window treatments that are fitted inside the window frame are more efficient than those mounted outside the frame at keeping warmed air away from chilled glass.
  • Bundle window treatments – that is combine two classic window treatments like a cellular shade with a drapery panel and a cornice – to further enhance chill busting!
  • Add heat-conserving features like black-out lining to boost heat conservation.