Preparing a home for a new baby, or modifying home décor for a growing one, is as exciting as it is essential. To ensure a child-appropriate home means not only to make room for a crib or to decorate a baby’s room with soothing, warm colors; it also means to close the electrical sockets and secure any hazardous items that are not meant to be played with.

The precautions we take must be meticulous and not exclude the consideration of window coverings. As adults, we may overlook the danger of dangling cords––but small children and even pets can perceive them as hidden playthings. Choosing cordless window coverings is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the safety of your little ones, and your furry friends.

Choosing new window coverings can be daunting task. Ask your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant about the various types of window coverings that are most appropriate for your home and suitable to your lifestyle. And be sure to inquire about kid-friendly options, such as cordless blinds and motorized shades.

Motorized shades and other popular window coverings can be operated by a hand-held remote, a wall switch, or set on a programmable timer for extra convenience. Motorization is especially ideal for those tall, hard-to-reach blinds, and for windows directly in front of furniture, such as dressers or cribs. Whether you prefer the classic look of traditional blinds and shutters, or the modern appeal of curtains and shades, the majority of Budget Blinds window coverings can be motorized.

Call your Budget Blinds Style Consultant today and they can bring samples of cordless blinds in a variety of styles, colors, opacities, and textures, directly to your home so you can see how they will look with your family’s existing décor.

By making your home’s window blinds cordless, you protect your family from risks of entanglement or even death. As of June 2013, the safety standards of the Window Covering Manufacturers Association require window covering providers to communicate to customers the hazards that dangling cords can pose. Budget Blinds has been dedicated to raising child-safety awareness since long before this requirement and associated safety elevation standards were implemented.

To learn more about how Budget Blinds meets or exceeds these heightened child safety window covering standards, schedule a free in-home consultation with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today.