Winter is a time of year when homeowners are battening down the hatches, sealing air leaks and insulating their homes against the chill of the season. They’re calling austin roofing companies and siding replacement services to perfect the exteriors of their homes, as well as replacing doors and windows. According to the National Resources Defense Council, approximately one-third of a home’s total heat loss usually occurs through windows and doors.* But don’t panic! You don’t have to replace all your windows and doors just yet! But if you do decide to replace your windows, make sure you have a look at something like MWT Windows though. First, take a look at these window coverings that can help insulate your home without having to break the bank and cause huge renovations.

Drapes and Curtains
Drapes and curtains are great window coverings in their own right, but to maximize their insulating qualities, they are best when layered with another window treatment such as shutters.

  • There are many factors that influence a drapery’s ability to reduce heat gain or loss; fabric type, color, and fit are among a few of them. Other factors that contribute to the amount of heat gain or lost through these window coverings are how closely they fit to the windows, whether or not they can be held together via Velcro or a tie of some sort, and whether or not heat is escaping through the top. You can prevent heat escaping through the top by using a cornice or a valance.
  • In general, closed draperies built to withstand heat gain can reduce it by 33%. If the draperies or curtains are close fitting and combined with another window treatment such as plantation shutters or pleated shades, they can help insulate your home by reducing heat loss by 25% during winter.**

Every home and every homeowner is different, to find the perfect window coverings for your home, talk to your local Budget Blinds and schedule a free in home consultation. The Budget Blinds style consultant will find the perfect combination of window treatments to make your home a warmer and more beautiful abode.