One of the most difficult tasks people face when decorating the interior of their home is deciding on color schemes and materials. When decorating a home, especially the windows, it’s recommended that you consider the inside of the home and the home’s visible outside landscape a single entity. This new and unique perspective is extremely helpful when contemplating what types of window coverings would work organically with your home. Need some additional window design insight? Check out these 3 common window views and how you can complement them with the right window covering solutions:

Sunny Beach and Bay Views
By Style: Pair multiple sheer window draperies in shades of white and blue. Your living room will become one with the sea!
By Benefit: Consider covering your windows with UV blocking window film. This will protect your furniture against damaging sun exposure that can lead to bleaching of wood stain and paint.

Forest and Meadow Views
By Style: Match nature’s beauty with wooden slats that are harvested from sustainable-yield forests.
By Benefit: Consider decorating your home with eco-friendly window treatments that use organic and recycled materials. Not only will you be giving back to Mother Nature, but many of these materials are also energy-efficient.

Busy City Views
By Style: Reflect the city’s modern art deco architecture with motorized cellular shades paired with a box valence for added symmetry.
By Benefit: City streets tend to be noisy! Protect yourself from sound pollution by investing in drapes that use thicker fabrics.