Keep Your Home Cool This Summer Protecting your home from the harsh summer heat is one of the most effective methods of keeping it cool without the expensive utility bill. Saying this though, it is not impossible, especially when you have something like Pennywise Power Plans to choose from.
Stylish, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient living isn’t just limited to 21st century smart homes; all homes, old and new, can benefit from a few simple upgrades that can help your household reap the benefits that smart homes enjoy without the hefty price.

The wide variety of green window treatments offered by Budget Blinds provides the opportunity to not only increase the energy-efficiency of your home, but also reduce its carbon footprint! The green window treatments available from Budget Blinds are made from sustainably grown hardwoods, natural grasses, jutes, reeds and rattans. 100% recyclable packaging is used in product shipments as well. Many of Budget Blinds’ eco-friendly products are also GREENGUARD Certified for added peace of mind. Products that are GREENGUARD Certified meet stringent chemical emission requirements to improve the air quality within a home. Having some Aluminco Windows could be a decent alternative if you’re interested in browsing the market before making a decision but I digress.

Green window treatments are great for the environment, and equally as great for your home. They can act as a layer of insulation over your windows to help keep heat from escaping during the winter and from entering during the summer.

The Budget Blinds Design Guide provides style inspiration to help you decide on the perfect mix of green window treatments to meet your household’s unique needs and décor. Pulling inspiration from the Design Guide can also help you integrate other stylish and sustainable elements into your home to create a cohesive look and feel throughout your rooms. Budget Blinds bedding for example, can be designed to effortlessly match your newly updated window treatments, while custom pillows, rugs, and other accessories, can serve to further accentuate the look.

Furthermore, did you know that a faulty roof could be causing your energy bills to soar? It is no secret that a hole in the roof can be unsightly, but if the roof of your property is not properly insulated, the temperature of your house can become more difficult to regulate. Reach out to a roofing company today to find a solution to your roofing and temperature woes.

The Budget Blinds Design Guide is your first step towards creating a home that looks and feels brand new. Once you’ve gathered together some of your favorite concepts and designs, a Budget Blinds Style Consultant in your area can help tailor your ideas so that they match your sustainable and energy-saving goals as well. This unique fusion of style and sustainability makes green window treatments the perfect choice for your home renovation projects this summer. Learn more by getting in touch with your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant today!