Many people believe that during the winter months interior furnishings are safe from damaging ultra violet rays however, fading knows no season and without protection, furniture is constantly loosing color from sun exposure, which is why some people look to furniture stores similar to Wayside Furniture House to get their furniture replaced!

Fun fact, did you know that the sun is closer to the Earth in the winter months versus the summer months? This means that depending upon the direction that your home or office faces, a significant amount of fade damage may be occurring. No matter whether a sofa was purchased through sites like or it took a trip to a local homeware store to find what you were looking for, the idea of keeping any piece of furniture protected is important. No one wants a damaged sofa, especially when there are ways to prevent this from happening.

One of the best ways to protect your furniture and décor from the unforgiving rays of the sun (well, aside from keeping your shades drawn closed at all times)? SignatureSeries® window film. Our private label window films will reduce 99% of the ultra violet rays and up to 85% of the heat but still let the light fill your space. These products can significantly reduce the fading in any home or office. Added bonus: they also reduce energy costs! If your office furniture is beyond saving, it may be time to think about buying replacements. You can get office desks today for your office easily by heading online to see what’s available; there’s certain to be something to suit your office.

Let’s take a look at just how window film can protect your interior:
As you can see, there are three major factors contributing to fading–ultra violet rays, heat and light. If you can help eliminate a portion of each of these three major factors, then you can reduce fading. Signature Series® window films can reduce up to 80% of the fade factor. Let’s take for example the SPF 30. This film will reduce 99% of the ultraviolet rays, reducing approximately 39% of the 40% of the ultraviolet light. The SPF 30 also reduces 63% of the heat. This translates into removing 63% of the 25% of the heat. In other words, if you were to take a pen and shade in 63% of the heat portion of the pie that is how much of the pie would be reduced. Finally, SPF30 removes 30% of the visible light. When you add all three pieces of the pie together, your fade reduction increases exponentially.

In closing, Signature Series® window films will give you the protection you’re looking for with the added benefit of energy conservation. How? Stay tuned for the next blog as we will discuss how Signature Series will help reduce your energy costs and put money back in your pocket!