It’s finally March and we’re ready to jump into spring! With spring comes the excitement of new home design trends and the announcement of NEW PRODUCTS. There’s been a lot going on in the world of interior design and once again Budget Blinds® is here to give it to you first.

Expand Your Reach
Tired of reaching over the sink to tug at a cord to lift your shades or blinds? Not anymore! With window coverings powered by Somfy® you can adjust the lighting with the click of a button! These functional enhancements benefit anyone who is seeking convenience, security, safety, ambiance or control (And they’re also a great bragging piece at gatherings!). We have also added a new cordless lift system for our Signature Series® Wood as well as our Composite and Faux Wood Blinds.

Stay Glassy
Update your home with the decorative solution for privacy by adding window film. Decorative window film comes in a variety of options such as Stained Glass, Vienna Accent, Etched Leaf, Texture and more while using no adhesives and is easy to install and remove. It makes adding an extra note to your your bathroom easy, whether you’ve just done a small change to the space or have decided on a full remodel, frameless glass showers enclosures and all. It can be used on said enclosures to help provide a little extra privacy, and that’s not the end of its uses. You can even use this decorative film for cabinet doors in the kitchen or on the hutch in the family room to add some ambiance and hide the dishes!

Modern Kitchen Classics
There are a variety of blinds and fittings for your kitchen that can help update it into a modern and sleek look, but this space is a bit harder to bring into the modern age overall without something else changing. One of the ways people have brought a touch of the technological future we live into this area is by searching for the best induction hob 2020 to replace the old burners in place. A small change like this can give the area a massive overhaul, and spark the imagination for more ideas for the kitchen!

Get Innovative
Woven Reed Blinds, exclusive from Budget Blinds®, combine the unique, tropical appeal of woven woods with the light control and versatility of blinds. Create a warm, luscious glow in your home with one of the newest and most innovative products on the market!

A Modern Classic
Nothing can compare to the down-home comfort of Signature Series® Composite Shutters.This classic product is ideal for high-humidity areas in your home, such as the bathroom or kitchen, because the material is durable, moisture resistant and will not fade, crack or peel! It even comes in specialty shapes and sizes to fit any window shape your home may feature. It might also be helpful to consider having Air Conditioning Repair to even better manage the humidity if you feel your air conditioner isn’t providing the results you’re looking for and with the Signature Series® Composite Shutters it’ll further improve your home’s climate.

These are just a few of our latest announcements and there are plenty more heading your way! Keep an eye out as we unveil more new products before the summer!