Roman Shades

Roman Shade Layered with a Valance

Fashion gurus know that layering different pieces is the key to creating a lasting look that’s stylish and cohesive. This longstanding rule of fashion design doesn’t just apply to outfits, it’s an equally effective way to tailor your interior designs to create a charmingly cohesive aesthetic that’s built to last. Adding unique style elements like valances, curtain rods, window film, and more, creates eye-catching appeal that effortlessly complements your existing décor.

Valances are one of the most popular options for homeowners looking for a stylish layered look. Valances are a relatively easy and low-cost addition to existing window treatments like drapes or curtains, and help create a refined and luxurious look in any room. Create a dramatic focal point in a formal room with printed fabrics, tassel trim, or fringe lining on your desired valances. If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, opt for sleek valances and pair them with textured roller shades in coordinating fabrics.

Don’t forget the small stuff when it comes to layering your window treatments and creating the perfect look. Curtain rods and hardware may seem like minor accents, but when customized to match cohesively, they add even more beauty and appeal to the room. Drapery hooks, tassels, cleats, finials, and curtain rods are just some of the many window treatment accessories that can be tailored to match the texture, color palette, and aesthetic of your home to create a big impact!

Window film is a lesser known décor enhancer in the world of window treatments and interior design. Decorative window film can be a subtle or impactful addition to any existing window treatment that also acts as a protective barrier against harmful UV rays that can damage furniture over time. From etched patterns to stained glass designs, there are countless window films available to add another layer of style to your home’s windows.

Your home’s windows are a great place to start when looking to create a cohesive and layered interior design scheme. The furniture, appliances, hardware, and even structural elements of your home can be a source of inspiration for impactful style additions. Layering window treatments is not only a great way to create your own designer home on a budget, but it also provides added benefits like better light control and heightened privacy levels. Get started on your perfectly layered look today with a free in-home consultation.