Drapery PanelsElegant Stationary Drapery Panels & Curtains

This space exudes grace and tranquility. Wrapped in warm white vanilla tones and anchored with dark hardwood floors and furnishings, the master bedroom is a place where Rashida can rest and dream about her next project.  French doors open to allow access to a balcony and let breezes from the River cool the room.  We flanked the French doors with floor-length drapery panels in a milky white tone.  To darken the room, Rashida only has to draw the draperies closed.  We used drapery hardware that echoed the color of the hardwood flooring and furnishings to suspend the draperies and  pull the eye through the room. White can be austere and standoffish, but with the addition of the draperies, the room is warm, inviting and calming.

In the Master Bath we were asked to provide a solution that would carry the feel of the Master Bedroom to the bath area.  We used a sheer white curtain panel that can be secured out of the way. The curtain panel softens the look of the bath and provides a bit of privacy behind a sheer veil of fabric.