Roman ShadesThe kitchen makeover was wonderful. A few people could easily work within the space thanks to ample counter space and an island. Rashida chose to keep the original barge board walls, circa 1890, so the rest of the kitchen décor keyed off of that design element.  She opened up a pass through window from the kitchen to the dining area, which is separated from the front room by a fireplace.

The window coverings that were chosen were a flat Roman Shade that provided privacy, but filtered light when closed. This allows the Rashida to cut glare and gain privacy, but not completely darken the kitchen area.  The shade stacks behind so when it is pulled up it looks like a tailored valance.

More Ideas with Roman Shades:

  • See more styles of Roman shades at
    • You’ll see flat Roman shades, like those featured in the New Orleans home;
    • A waterfall Roman shade with top-down/bottom-up feature, which is really handy in media rooms and common areas of the home where you want natural light, but privacy or light control
    • The Hi Tech Roman Shade with Infiniti design that combines a Roman shade with a white cellular shade. You can enjoy the look of a Roman shade while reaping the energy efficiency properties and light filtering properties of a cellular shade. It bundles two popular shades together for a spectacular look. See for yourself!