Make a personal statement of your unique style with custom window drapes and curtains from Inspired Drapes – an exclusive Budget Blinds brand offering the best of the best in couture and high-fashion window fabrics.

Curtains and drapes are an effective solution to make your home décor come to life. Whether you’re searching for soft and warm or bold and daring styles, window curtains are a fantastic way to incorporate fashion into your home.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of what window drapes and curtains can do for your home:

1. Endless color options, patterns, textures and prints
Customize your window treatments and choose from a wide range of designs to express your unique style. You can also tailor your window treatments to a specific season. For example, use pastels, florals and flowing fabrics to reflect trends for the spring. You can also combine window drapes with other window treatments for a rich, layered look. Blending different colors, styles and textures together can produce a distinctive look to showcase your unique style.

2. Add privacy and protection to any room
Window drapes offer the utmost in privacy and security. With their ability to block out light and provide full coverage over your widows, you can feel safe and secure in your home. They can also block out harmful UV rays and sun glare. Additionally, drapes are extremely safe to operate, without the need for dangling cords or drawstrings.

3. Eco-friendly
Along with many other benefits, window curtains and drapes provide eco-friendly benefits as well. Their insulating properties block heat gain in the summer while keeping your home warm in the winter, which can help you reduce those costly energy expenses without sacrificing comfort.

Add sophistication, comfort and luxury to your home with Inspired Drapes custom window draperies from Budget Blinds. Contact one of our experienced window treatment specialists today to learn how to make your home décor come alive. Our complimentary in-home consultation is the first step to a new, lasting look you’ll enjoy throughout your home.