Children are unpredictable. They can be attracted to and fascinated by something that would never even cross an adult’s mind as something of note or interest.

  • The box is more fun than the present inside
  • Crawling into a tight space just because it’s there
  • Following a pet through the pet door
  • Sampling the cat’s or dog’s food

That’s why a parent’s vigilance is on high alert when there are small children in the home. Seemingly harmless things can become dangerous and even deadly with little ones. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) declares window covering cords as one of the top five hidden hazards in the home for strangulation and asphyxiation in children. Since 1983, an average of 12 children per year died from window cord strangulation. That’s one baby or young child a month.

Window coverings can be child friendly and pet safe 

Child-proofing a home takes into consideration everything about the house. Are light sockets covered? Do cabinets and drawers resist curious little fingers? Are harmful cleaners and other such products stored up high? In light of the above statistics, even window coverings need consideration.

That’s why Budget Blinds is committed to providing innovative and beautiful products that meet today’s safety standards for your home. Tracy Christman, Budget Blinds’ Vice President of Vendor Alliance and a mother herself shares, ”From cordless products that protect children from potentially harmful dangling cords to security-grade window film that protects your home during destructive weather, Budget Blinds is your source for window coverings that keep you and  your family safe at home.” Child-safe options include:

  • Cordless Lift System – raise and lower blinds and shades easily with one hand, eliminating the need for cords
  • Motorization – battery-operated remote control allows you to raise, lower, tilt or open and close your window coverings with the touch of a button. No hard wiring is required and you can operate up to five windows from one remote.
  • Spring-assist Clutch – built-in system to raise and lower window shades that eliminates dangling cords.
  • Shutters – cord-free window covering that is perfectly safe around children and pets.
  • Sliding Track System – beautiful alternative to vertical blinds for sliding glass doors and side-to-side openings, the sliding track operation eliminates the need for cords or chains.

Child Safe Blinds

These bypass shutters from Budget Blinds are child safe and offer complete privacy and light control.

Take stock of all your window coverings to see if some protective measures need to be instituted.

  • Move cribs, beds or other furniture that children can climb on away from windows.
  • Be sure continuous-loop cords are firmly secured to the wall or floor to prevent a child or pet from becoming entangled.
  • Add break-away tassels and cord stops to eliminate cord hazard.
  • Wand control for blinds is an alternative to dangling cords.
  • Keep all cords as short as possible, out of children’s reach
  • Use cordless blinds or shades where children are able to reach the window.
  • Replace older blinds and shades that do not meet current safety standards

If you would like more information on window treatment options that are child friendly, go to

These bypass shutters from Budget Blinds are child safe and offer complete privacy and light control.

Cordless beauty offers endless possibilities
Most of Budget Blinds’ window coverings can be cordless or motorized giving you endless possibilities to find your own personal design style. You are not limited to only a few choices while focusing on child safety in your home. Some of our most popular cordless window treatments include:

Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, formal or casual surroundings, your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help you find window treatments you’ll love. One phone call brings hundreds of samples right into your home so you can design the windows of your dreams.  Call (866) 879-9730 or go online to today to find the Style Consultant nearest you.

Visit the Window Covering Safety Council or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to learn more about National Window Cord Safety and Child Safety Protection Month.