What’s amazing about this room is the gorgeous way the sunlight enrobes it, which makes it an excellent area to showcase Rashida’s original art. Drapery PanelsInstead of using blinds in the family space, the homeowner opted for the rich look of draperies and curtains accent the functional French doors that open to the backyard. The colors chosen for the room are subdued so that Rashida’s original art can take center stage.

There’s plenty of seating in the room, which is a good thing considering all the friends and family that will be visiting Rashida.  The bench allows for seating on both sides yet doesn’t block the line of sight.  An area rug is used to define the seating area and identify the walk way.

The draperies add a regal elegance to the room. The drapery fabric has a lovely shimmer to it so it can softly reflect the sunlight. We used the puddling technique here and in the master bedroom. Puddling refers to extending the fabric to the round and allowing it to pouf a bit, like a bishop’s sleeve.

Drapery hardware was used to pick up accent colors and repeat them in the upper third of the room. This draws the eye through the room and upwards, making the room appear larger and more open. We use a ringtop drapery here and placed the drapery rods higher on the wall to draw the eye upwards.