We’ve shared before about how shutters are the perfect option for the eco-conscious shopper, but what we haven’t shared is the durability of our shutters over the competition.

This classic product is ideal for high-humidity areas in your home, such as the bathroom or kitchen, because the material is durable, moisture resistant and will not fade, crack or peel! It even comes in specialty shapes and sizes to fit any window shape your home may feature. If you want to learn even more about great shutters, it would not hurt to see great resource in learning more about a range of shutters to find what is best for you and your situation. But I digress.

On the left you can see an example of a Budget Blinds® shutter submerged in a damp environment to show how it holds up against damp and wet climates rather than becoming weathered. On the right you can view the entire display which shows how the shutter not only withstands the wet climates, but also does not warp or peel like the competition that is above the display case.

It’s not hard to see why shutters are the most desired window coverings these days. This classic window covering choice exudes a sense of permanence, is eco-friendly and will weather the storms. Check out the rest of the facts on shutters and see why so every time you see them, you know that you are indeed home.