In Home Consultation

Budget Blinds brings the showroom to you with free, in-home consultations

Are you getting ready for Black Friday shopping?

  • Weight training to build up your arm muscles
  • Cleaning your credit cards so there is no drag on the magnetic strips
  • Loading apps on your phone for every eventuality

If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Black Friday shopper, this cutthroat competition may just be your cup of tea. But many people are tired of the shopping rat race and opt for a kinder, gentler way of shopping–shopping small, local neighborhood businesses. Budget Blinds® is such a business; you actually get to shop right in your living room, and you can’t get more local than that!

Local shoppers strengthen their own communities

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday celebrates and supports small businesses and all they do for their communities

Small Business Saturday has grown out of the push to shop locally. “Localization Movement,”  “Shop Small” and “Indie-shopping” (independent local business) are terms to describe the movement within communities to encourage residents to patronize independent, small businesses versus mega-store national chains or absentee-owner establishments.  It’s a scaled-down version of the “Buy American Made” ideology that undergirds the economy of our nation.

Shopping local, small businesses benefits your entire community as well as providing personal benefits for you. Communities benefit from local shopping in many ways, including:

  • Business taxes and the money consumers spend go right back into community support, including police, fire, schools, improved roads, community services and public libraries.
  • Local businesses use other local businesses like accountants, banks, attorneys, tax services, printers, etc., creating local economic stability and jobs.
  • Local businesses strive to provide exceptional customer service; they want you to return.
  • Business owners are committed to their communities and participate in civic affairs, support local non-profits, and sponsor teams and sporting events.

Small Business Saturday shopping has lovely perks for you

Roman Shades Drapes

Roman shades and drapery panels completely transform this bedroom with beautiful, energy-efficient window coverings

So sleep late on Black Friday, and instead of piling in the car at the crack of dawn on November 28 and driving to an outlet mall for promises of savings that probably won’t materialize, you can take control of your day by shopping locally. You’ll be delighted with the special perks that Small Business Saturday shopping has for you.

  • Plan an itinerary of the places you want to go, saving precious gas instead driving all over
  • Walk to close-by stores and get in your Fitbit steps as you shop
  • Meet up with a friend at your favorite coffee house for a mid-day break
  • Catch local sales and discover artisan-created, one-of-a-kind specialty items that you can’t get elsewhere
  • Follow recommendations from friends and family of good places to shop
  • Be back home in time to fix dinner or prepare for an evening out without hurrying
  • Meet with a Budget Blinds Style Consultant in the comfort of your own home

Budget Blinds franchises are local, community businesses

Each Budget Blinds franchise is an independent, locally-owned business. You’re assured of dealing with someone who cares greatly that your experience is beyond excellent. With expert measuring, custom design and dozens of samples of fabrics, finishes, colors and decorative hardware, you’ll be able to see how your windows will look. Shopping where your windows are makes it so much easier to get exactly what you need to enhance your lifestyle and dress up your home.

Budget Blinds Design Guide

A recent customer survey shows a high level of customer satisfaction with Budget Blinds, as well as eight important reasons to call Budget Blinds:

  • Professionalism of the Budget Blinds owner and/or team
  • How quickly an appointment was available
  • Knowledge level of the Style Consultant
  • Innovative designs for the best window coverings solutions
  • Wide selection, quality of the products, and value received for money spent
  • Expertise of the installers
  • A neighborhood business owner who is not going to disappear on you
  • No Questions Asked Warranty on selected window coverings

So whether you need blinds, shutters, shades or drapes, and have design objectives of energy-efficiency, light and privacy control or child and pet safe product options, help is just a phone call away!  Call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to  to find the Style Consultant nearest you. View the online galleries of our extensive window coverings and turn the digital pages of the new Inspired Drapes Lookbook for the latest trends, colors and styles in home window fashions.