May is the harbinger of summertime events. Here are some tips to get your home ready for summer!

Dress Your Windows!
You invested good money in your window treatments, so show them off by framing them with billowy sheers for the spring and summer. You’ll have a whole new breezy look for your room with very little effort! When you clean your windows, make sure you clean them with suitable products so you don’t end up with smear marks. You could even invest in Window Cleaning Equipment Pretoria so that you can create a professional-looking job every time you clean them. Cleaning your own windows it much easier than relying on a window cleaner and you can choose to do it whenever needed, there’s no waiting around involved. (In the fall, swap the sheers for something a bit more seasonal; around the holidays, frame your windows with drapery panels and valances with a little festive shimmer.)

Add Decorative Mirrors
Improve your mood with light. Invite and guide light around your home with decorative mirrors. Plus, your rooms will look larger and your guests will feel there are even more people at your parties when you strategically place mirrors around your home.

Make a Statement with Faux Iron Art
Dress up a bare transom window without blocking natural light. Conceal air conditioning vents. My friend recently did this and they look great. I had a text off her which said, ” I’ve just had a guy out who fixed my Trane unit in the kitchen, so I’m glad it’s working. I thought I’d try the Faux Iron art and conceal the air-con vents. OMG, they look great, you should definitely try it.” I suppose that’s one way to try and get me to have a go with it to conceal my air-con vents, haha! Speaking of air conditioning, you want to make sure this is in full working condition, especially during the lead up to the summer months. If this is something you are yet to do, it may be worth getting in touch with companies such as Willard Power Vac to finally get this sorted. Anyway, add an artistic touch to walls, ceilings, and skylights with Faux Iron Art! It looks like wrought iron, but it’s significantly lighter and won’t rust, so it can go places wrought iron can’t! It’s available in 13 colors and 30 + designs or you can submit your own design.

Get Moving!
In addition to added convenience, motorized window treatments enhance safety and security because cords are eliminated, treatments on hard-to-reach windows are closed with the touch of a button and some motorization packages let you program your window treatments to open and close throughout the day. This makes your home appear occupied throughout the day and discourages would-be thieves.

Go Natural
If you’ve ever been in a room without a plant, you know how austere it can feel. Add a plant or two and the attitude of the space changes. Plus, plants naturally filter our indoor air, clearing carbon dioxide and VOCs. Some plants have special characteristics that are desirable: The peace lily fights mold. The spider plant is a great air cleaner. Blooming plants, like the African violet, are also beneficial. Some plants, like the English ivy, are toxic to pets, so be sure to ask a plant specialist about what plants will work best in your home and with your lifestyle. (Source: