Spring is officially here, which means many of us are starting that dreaded spring cleaning. It can be so frustrating to do, especially if you’re not a huge cleaner anyway, getting a house cleaner might be the way forward if you feel overwhelmed by it all. However, spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet, it’s also the perfect time to start preparing for summer. From something as simple as getting Anne Arundel Window Cleaning to a more major task like decluttering the garage, there are plenty of things you can do to get ready for summer. Check out these quick, easy ideas for sprucing up your home and office for everything summer!

Recipe for the Perfect Barbeque
Before you know it summer barbeques will be in full spring, so why not upgrade that backyard for summer get-togethers? Our recommendation: Pull out that summer furniture and dust off those cushions, clean up that grill and invest in some motorized solar shades. These shades are perfect for blocking out harmful sun rays, protecting yourself from the glare and allow you to take control with the touch of a button.

Lighten Up
With warmer days upon us it’s time to start thinking about switching out those heavy draperies with a lighter, more airy option. One of our favorites? Sheers! This lightweight, airy option allows the soft beams of sun in while still providing privacy and a soft, elegant touch to your décor.

Make Your Office Sparkle and Gleam
Has your workplace seen better days? Offices can quickly accumulate large amounts of dirt and debris if they are not cleaned regularly. Consider reaching out to a commercial office cleaning facility such as Green Facilities to get your office looking fresh and summer ready. To learn more ABOUT GREEN FACILITIES, go to greenfacilities.co.uk.

The Decorative Solution
Speaking of privacy, do you want continued privacy without blocking out the gorgeous summer sunshine? Then you have got to check out decorative window film! This easy to install solution comes in a variety of options such as illuminating stained glass, chic rice paper and elegant etched lace among others. And not only is this a stylish solution, but it’s also a helpful one in that it will reduce 99% of the ultraviolet rays and up to 85% of the heat, which can protect your interior and help reduce your energy costs.

There you have it! Our quick, easy solutions to preparing your home and office for the warmer days. Now that you know our secrets, what are yours? Leave us a comment explaining how you prepare for summer!