As a company, one of the biggest things we can thank our franchisees for is their dedication to professionalism. Across the nation as well is in Canada, our customers continually comment on the high level of window covering services we provide from motorized roller shades, to simple mini blinds.

Today, we celebrate the fantastic individuals behind our thriving company, our franchisees, and thank them for their wonderful delivery on professionalism and quality––with the words from a few of our customers:

“There’s a tremendous amount of synergy between the [Budget Blinds] installer and the design consultant. They were on the same page, [and] they worked together to make sure we had the result we wanted…it was true professionalism in all regards.” ––Tom, whose video is available here and titled “Budget Blinds Brings You Style and Service.”

“My style consultant was wonderful…my installation was wonderful. It was smooth, they came in, they installed, they cleaned up, and it was less than an hour. If you’re in the market for new blinds or window treatments, Budget Blinds is the place to go. I would recommend them to anyone.” ––Nancy, whose video is available here and titled “Budget Blinds Offers a Seamless Window Covering Experience.”

Thank you to all our franchisees who provide excellent services, from motorized roller shades to mini blinds, for our customers’ homes, and for perpetuating the positive dialogue surrounding Budget Blinds.