Window FashionsDid you partake in the traditional preparation for the months ahead via spring cleaning? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could keep that clean, fresh and organized look all year long? What if we told you it’s possible? Well, with expert tips like this, it is!

According to Katie over at Making This Home, regular purging of your belongings can go a long way!
If you’re not sure what to do with your left overs after the purging clean, or if you can’t seem to part ways with some sentimental items, you could always store them away in a secure unit, many companies provide self storage units, like Dublin City Self Storage, or research a company that is more local to you!

“I think that regular purging habits are important. They make us so much more aware of what we already have in our lives and how much we’re consuming. Our homes get a nice little lift. And if you live in small spaces like we do, the place can feel just a bit bigger.” However sometimes our spaces can be a little too small whether we have a lot of things or not, and its just impossible to deal with. In these instances it may even be worth moving home that provides you with much more space so you’re really able to decorate it and make it your own. Its not so much a hassle either as there are many moving companies Chicago offers (if you reside in this area) to help you with the big move, this is also another excuse to purge your home and get rid of any clutter in the meantime.

She goes on to share some fantastic tips on purging your home that you simply must check out!

Another great way to keep clutter from building up? Pay attention to the little things! TSH of Simple Mom really clued us in on cutting down on the clutter before it starts in her post. She goes on to explain that she “decided to implement ‘Everything has its place.’ From keys to bags, to shoes, and toys, I created a place for everything to go so that the reason for wallets, keys and cell phones on the buffet was no longer valid.”

Taking simple steps, like setting aside specific places for your belongings or the use of storage units
will prove to extend farther than you think in the great task of de-cluttering your home.

So, now that you’ve purged and organized, what’s left? Well a home wouldn’t be a home if it didn’t change with the seasons and give you that warm, comforting feeling! The best and simplest way of achieving this? Changing out your draperies for something softer and more airy! We love the use of sheers in the summertime to help reduce the heat in your home. Or, if you don’t want to worry about switching things out seasonally, why not try window film? This can help significantly reduce your energy costs and give you a decorative solution for privacy! Thomas Hicks has also just released a new pattern exclusive to Budget Blinds. You can check it out at the bottom of this post!

What are some of your favorite ways to de-clutter and spruce up your home décor throughout the year?