Our friend, Jean Nayar, has launched a new blog http://thehappyhomeworkshop.com/

Jean describes her blog this way: “The Happy Home Workshop is a place for exploring the ingredients of a comfortable, nurturing home and taking them for a test drive. Its aim is to not only highlight elements that make a home look good—but also to uncover secrets that make a home feel good. I vow to keep sharing my very best tips with you on all things related to the home. My first post will be all about the bedroom and in particular, the bed. Comfort is king, which is why you may wish to read these memory foam mattress reviews prior to my blog launch. I suggest, as a lifelong devotee of architecture and design and the author of several books on the subjects, my goal is to establish a forum that deepens the notion of a happy home by chronicling my own home improvement experiences and inviting you to share yours.”

Jean is absolutely ecstatic to be starting her own blog and I hope you can share that with her. You’ll get plenty of awesome ideas on decorating your home from her very promising site. After all, Jean’s struggled through setting up this site and we should all be proud of her for getting her site up and running! I did suggest a managed web hosting server, such as hostiserver, but Jean’s an independent woman and likes to do everything herself. Regardless, I’m already finding things on Jean’s website that have me rushing around the house trying to recreate!
Given that we’re Jean’s friends, this promises to be a very fruitful site where you’ll get plenty of ideas to decorate your home. We hope you’ll visit, and when you do, please tell Jean you’re a mutual friend. What are you waiting for… go now!